Tips Using A Rotary Tiller

- Dec 31, 2016 -

1. Job start, tiller should be in upgrading State, combined with the power output shaft, bringing the knife shaft speed to nominal speed, then fall rotary tillers, blades gradually ground to the required depth. Is prohibited after the blade into the combined power output shaft or sharp decline in tiller, so as to avoid the blades are bent or broken, and increased the load on the tractor.
2. In the job, you should try to slow slow, so as to ensure the quality of jobs, the clod crushing and reducing mechanical wear. To listen tiller if there is noise or metal percussion sound, and observe the soil, tillage depth. If there are any check should be immediately shut down, ruled out before continuing operation.
3. Head turn, prohibited jobs, tiller should be rising, makes the blade off the ground and reduce the tractor throttle so as not to damage the blade. When rotary tillers are promoted, universal joint operation of the tilt angle should be less than 30 degrees, the impact noise is too large, making it premature wear or damage.
4. When reversing, Ridge and the transfer of land, tiller should be raised to the highest position, and cut off the power, so as not to damage the parts. Such as distant metastases, Rotary tiller with a locking device is secured.
5. Each shift work, the tiller should be maintained. Clear of dirt and weeds on the blade, check the fastening and points to the lubricating oil add oil and add butter to the universal joint Department to prevent increased wear.

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