The Use Of Rotary Tillers

- Jun 27, 2017 -

  The use of rotary tillers

  1, the beginning of the operation, the rotary tiller should be in a state of ascension, the first combination of power output shaft, the knife shaft speed to the rated speed, and then down the rotary tiller, so that the blade gradually into the required depth. It is strictly prohibited to insert the blade into the power output shaft or drastically lower the rotary tiller to avoid causing the blade to bend or break and increase the load of the tractor.

  2, in the operation, should be as low as possible slow, so that can guarantee the quality of operations, so that the soil crushed, but also reduce the wear of parts. Pay attention to listen to the rotary tiller whether there is noise or metal percussion, and observe the broken soil, till the deep situation. If there is an abnormality, it should be immediately shut down for inspection, and then the operation can be continued.

  3, in the ground turn, prohibit the operation, the rotary tiller should be raised, so that the blade from the ground, and reduce the tractor throttle, so as not to damage the blade. When lifting the rotary tiller, the inclination angle of the universal joint should be less than 30 degrees, and when it is too large, it will cause the impact noise to be prematurely worn or damaged.

  4, in the reversing, over the ridge and transfer of land, the rotary tiller should be raised to the highest position, and cut off the power, so as not to damage the parts. If you move to a distance, use a locking device to fix the rotary tiller.

  5, after each shift operations, should be on the rotary tiller for maintenance. Remove the soil and weeds on the blade, check the fastening of the connectors, add lubricating oil to the lubricating oil, and add butter to the joints to prevent aggravating wear.

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