The Solution To The Sudden Change Of The Field Work Of The Rotary Tiller

- Oct 27, 2017 -

The Solution to the Sudden Change of the Field Work of the rotary tiller

1, the rotary tiller in the field operations, the tractor suddenly black smoke and accompanied by slippery and other phenomena, do not panic, which is due to heavy load due to the rotary tiller, rotary tiller depth is too large, the soil caused by the , Should promptly reduce the unit's forward speed.

2, rotary tillers in the field operations, there be beating, jitter phenomenon, should immediately stop checking the installation of the blade, if the blade is installed, should be corrected.

3, the rotary tiller in the field operations, if you hear the noise inside the gear box, you should stop the operation in time to check whether the bearing damage, gear teeth or not; if it is bearing, should replace the new bearings The

4, the process of operation, the rotary tiller knife shaft suddenly turn, it should promptly stop the operation, check whether the knife axis knit grass, gong mud serious or gear bearing damage, causing bevel gear teeth and other reasons Clean up the weed soil, adjust the gap, if the bearing damage is serious, should be replaced with new pieces.

5, the rotary tiller in the operation, if you hear the metal collision sound and percussion sound, should stop the operation, check the transmission chain loose and transmission box collision caused by the percussion; should adjust the chain tightness; The cutter head and the left arm or the transmission box are deformed after the deformation of the blade fixing screw loosening, etc .; apply the hammer to correct the deformation part, and then tighten the fixing bolt to start the tractor into the field operation.

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