The Solution Of Sudden And Unexpected Problems In Rotary Tiller Operation

- Oct 23, 2017 -

1, Rotary cultivator in the field operation, the phenomenon of beating, jitter, because the blade did not follow the instructions to install, should immediately stop checking the installation of the blade, if it is wrong, should be corrected.

2. During the operation, when the cutter shaft of the rotary tiller suddenly appears to turn, the agricultural machinery hand should stop the operation in time, check whether the knife shaft is entangled with grass, the gambling mud is serious or the gear bearing is damaged, cause the bevel gear has no tooth side clearance and so on, should clear the weed soil, adjust the clearance, if the bearing damage serious, should replace the new piece promptly.

3, Rotary cultivator in the field work, if heard in the gearbox has a murmur, should stop the operation in time, agricultural machinery should get off, check whether the bearing is damaged, the gear has no tooth loss phenomenon;

4, Rotary cultivator in the operation, if you hear the metal collision sound and percussion, agricultural machinery should stop the operation, the car out of the job site, get off, first check the transmission chain loosening and transmission box collision with the percussion sound; should adjust the chain compactness The Blades of the rotary tiller and the left arm or the drive box are deformed and the screws are loosened.

Teach you how to adjust the rotary tiller:

1, the performance of the soil-breaking adjustment: Usually, the forward speed to adjust the performance of ground.

2, left and right adjustment: The rotary cultivator fragmented ground, check the left and right sides of the tip of the ground height is consistent, can be adjusted by the right promotion bar crank.

3, the adjustment of the deep tillage: unit in the favorable adjustment and adjustment of the hydraulic system of the tractor auxiliary rotary tillage operation, should use the position adjustment, to prevent the hard adjustment, lest damage to the rotary tiller.

4, the height of the promotion of adjustment: Universal joint in the rise of the tilt angle of not more than 30 degrees. Usually the tip only needs to be about 20 centimeters from the ground to be able to turn and empty line.


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