The Rotary Tiller Is The Hero Of The Tillage

- Oct 27, 2017 -

The rotary tiller is the hero of the tillage

rotary tiller cultivators are mainly used for farmland planting, pre-planting tillage operations. After the cultivation, the surface is smooth, soft, crushing, to meet the agronomic requirements of intensive farming. When working on wetlands or paddy fields, the tractor's sagging and slipping can be reduced. Therefore, at present in the southern paddy field, the rotary tiller has been widely used and has become a series of products. In the south of China, the rotary tiller is used for the cultivation of winter wheat; the rice harvester or the water plowing before the rice plantation; the dry rake and the rape of the vegetable land in the suburbs of the city, Weeding and so on.

Common causes of disarming of rotary tiller

(1) meshing sleeve of the directional steel ball slot axial wear and tear, the unit in the course of the ball produced axial movement, so that the teeth off.

(2) Pull the groove and the steering ball ball wear too much, the shift process due to the axial free gap is too large, even if the hanging block, meshing teeth of the meshing width is small, in case of load changes or unit jump when it is easy Disengage

(3) The rotary tiller uses a jaw clutch. Due to the long time of use, the teeth of the tooth are seriously worn, so that the meshing teeth are flattened and rounded, and the self- Easy to slip and disengage during operation.

(4) Meshing sleeve positioning spring is too small or broken, the engagement force or vibration of the unit, the clutch sleeve to produce axial sliding and off the block.

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