The Quality And Performance Of The Rotary Tiller Is Very Important

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Speaking of the rotary tiller industry, we have what kind of concept? In recent years, with the new rural farming policy continues to advance, rotary tillers and a series of modern agricultural machinery has been vigorously developed, but this process is not short of the emergence of some problems. So what is the key question for the development of the rotary tiller? The answer is the quality and performance, only hands grabbed, can have a better future.

We all know that China is a vast country, the land leaps and bounds, so the design of the rotary tiller, but also need to consider the North and the South of this big problem, such as the northern region, mostly dry land plowing, plots Large, which requires the device to have a greater power. In addition, the northern region for more than two consecutive cropping or intercropping, which also requires equipment with multiple types of joint operations performance. And in the southern region, for the paddy field, so you need to rotary tiller with three different types of tractors to operate, but also should have a good seal, to prevent the process of mud and water intrusion. Here is the problem, that is, the performance of the problem, the same rotary tillage equipment, applied in the South, but not necessarily in the north, this is indeed a problem.

On the quality, in recent years, the growth rate of the rotary tiller market is fierce, especially the country also for some brands of agricultural machinery to take the purchase subsidy policy, market development is a great. In such a good trend, inevitably there will be some bad business shoddy, affect the late use of the product. In particular, China's agricultural market, the prevalence of small-scale production manufacturers, because each standard is different, many of the production equipment can not buy with the parts. And supporting the use of tractor equipment is also the case, according to rough statistics, China's existing production and tractor supporting the use of rotary tiller manufacturers less than twenty, and most of the rural areas are still using the abdomen tractor, which is a lot People do not buy a rotary tiller or bought the reasons can not be used later.

To sum up the problem, the formal agricultural machinery industry in China need to solve the two major problems, here called the manufacturers, should first from the user's point of view, design and production of people meet the performance requirements of the rotary tiller equipment. At the same time, good quality can help manufacturers get a better reputation, bring greater sales, so as to obtain more profits, hope that manufacturers do not covet the cheap, shoddy, to bad their own signs.

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