Some Problems Encountered In The Process Of Rotary Tiller Equipment Are Summarized

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Rotary Tiller of the application of the process, there will inevitably be a lot of problems. As a professional rotary tiller manufacturer for your worries, our company for rotary tiller equipment operation process often encounter some problems to sum up, and share with you our best solution.

First, the problem of black smoke. Rotary cultivators in the field of operation, often there will be a sudden black smoke and accompanied by slippery and so on. At this point, the operator do not worry, just slow down the speed of the rotary tiller can be! Because the problem of black smoke is due to the heavy load of the rotary tiller. Rotary tillage load is too heavy, deep tillage depth or soil is too strong will cause this problem.

Second, beating or jitter. Rotary Tiller of the phenomenon of this phenomenon, mainly because the rotary tillage blade is not installed in accordance with the instructions caused by the instructions. Once the rotary tiller is found to jitter or jitter, the operator will immediately stop checking the installation of the blade. Found that the blade is wrong or installed inappropriate, timely correction, and then boot operation.

Third, the knife shaft does not turn the phenomenon. In the course of the operation, the operator will often encounter the rotary knife axis suddenly turn this phenomenon. At this time, the operator should stop the operation in a timely manner, and then check whether the Rotary Tiller of the rotary knife shaft knitting, blocking mud or serious damage to the gear bearing and other issues, and timely cleaning of weeds and soil, adjust the gap. If the rotary tillage bearing damage is more serious, to replace the new pieces.

Fourth, abnormal sound. If you hear noise in the gearbox, the user should stop the job immediately. Check the rotary knife shaft is not damaged, the gear is not a tooth phenomenon. If caused by the bearing, to immediately replace. If you hear the metal collision sound and percussion sound, the user should pay attention to the first stop, and then check the transmission chain is loose and the transmission box collision caused by the percussion sound, this time, should adjust the chain tightness. If the blade on both sides of the blade caused by the collision, the user should use the hammer to correct the deformation of parts, and then tighten the fixing bolts.

Under normal circumstances, regardless of the rotary tiller in the course of what kind of abnormal situation, the user should first stop. Find the cause of the problem or the cause of the phenomenon, according to the problem to find a suitable solution to all the problems resolved before they can continue to operate. In the re-start rotary tiller, but also pay attention to the test run of the machine, with the first start of the note exactly the same.

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