Safety Inspection Method Of Rotary Tiller

- Oct 27, 2017 -

There are many varieties of agricultural machinery, each machine has its own unique advantages, but also have a certain risk, so we have to check it in the operation of its safety index, the following from five aspects Said the safety inspection of the rotary tiller.

1. The top of the rotary tiller, the protective device should cover the working parts. At the rear of the rotary tiller, the guard should span the width of the machine and remain in contact with the ground at the time of the machine; the front of the rotary tiller should cover the width of the machine and the outer edge of the guard The horizontal distance of the parts should be at least 200 mm, the gap between the guard and the ground should be no more than 400 mm; the end of the rotary tiller, regardless of the depth of the operation, the protective device should always keep in touch with the ground and cover all the work of the ground When the rotary tiller is raised by the operating position, the protective device should completely cover the end of the working part.

2. Safety protective devices, etc. should be a warning sign, logo composition, color, size, etc. should be consistent with the provisions of GB 10396.

3. Rotary tiller brackets without sharp edges and corners, reliable connection with the body, the operation does not bend, no serious shaking.

4. The strength of the main fasteners: bolts, screws, mechanical properties should not be less than 8.8, the nut should not be less than 8; the main fastener refers to the knife shaft, gear box, the main beam, side panels and hanging plate And other fasteners at the load.

5. The rotary tiller shall have a support that prevents it from being disassembled and is mounted on a rotary tiller. If necessary, when the machine is working, it can be removed.

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