Rotary Tillers And Tractors In Collaboration

- Dec 31, 2016 -

Rotary tiller is done with tractors tilling, harrowing job of cultivator, soil characteristics such as ability, flat surface after tillage, has been widely used. Proper use and adjust the tiller, to keep it in good technical condition, ensure the quality of tillage is critical, then show you how to make rotary tillers and tractors with the good work, achieve a perfect partnership.
First, install blade. Common of installation method has three species, that within installation method, and outgoing installation method and staggered installation method, within installation of around machete are to knife axis of middle bent, this installation method tillage out of to, tillage site Middle has a ridge, is for border Qian of farming, also can makes unit across ditch job, up to fill ditch role; outgoing installation method of around machete to knife axis ends bent, knife axis of most outside end of knife to in bent, this farming method in tillage site Middle has a article shallow ditch, applies Yu split border farming or spin tillage ditching joint job Finally staggered method, this cultivation method of farming land very flat, is a very common installation methods, about machetes in jagged symmetrical installed on the cutter shaft, shaft left and right of the outer end of a knife should be bent inward.
Second, the connection setup. Specific process following, first to cut tractor of power output axis, then won axis cover cover, reversing Hou hanging received knife spin tillage machine Shang, last put with party axis of million to section loaded into spin tillage machine of drive shaft, put spin tillage machine mention up yihou with hand turned knife axis, view flexibility, again will with party sets of million to section sets into tractor power output axis fixed.
Before the third, the no-tillage adjustments. Around first adjustment after tilling depth in a rotary tiller, the angle section to view the outgoing, adjust my lever on the tractor hitch, universal joints in a horizontal position, pillow universal joint can work in the best conditions. Then adjust the level, Rotary tiller after reduced, tip attached to the ground, watching the two tip height is the same, if not the same will have to adjust the height of the hanging rod, tip line can ensure consistent depth of about.
Four, adjustment before use. Like on broken soil performance of adjustment, broken soil performance of bad with tractor of forward speed and knife axis speed is closely related to, knife axis speed must is, if speed up tractor of exercise speed, tillage out of clods will compared big, instead also will variable small; soil drag Board location of level changes also will effect broken soil effect, can according to actual need, fixed good flat soil drag Board of location.

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