Rotary Tiller Use Rotary Tiller Precautions

- Jul 20, 2017 -

Rotary Tiller Use rotary tiller precautions

Use rotary tiller precautions

Before use, please carefully read the product manual and safety signs on the machine, the potential danger to the machine to be aware of the requirements, according to the requirements of the specific operation to avoid security incidents. Before each operation, check whether the gearbox of the rotary tiller is full of lubricating oil, whether the bearing is greased or not, and the bolts are fastened.

If the operation found abnormal sound, should immediately stop checking, troubleshooting. Walking tractor matching rotary tiller trapping machine, is strictly prohibited when the machine does not turn off the machine before the pull, lift the machine. After the machine through the high ridge should be stalled over the ridge.

, How to properly install the rotary tiller blade

Straight hook-shaped chisel knives, strong ability to enter the soil, throwing soil performance is poor, and easy to resist the grass, so apply to less weeds and knot the soil. Its installation is generally in the knife on the spiral evenly arranged on the knife, fixed with a screw on the knife seat. For the blade head bending, the outer arc has a long edge of the left and right machete, due to cutting ability, so for water, dry land farming, wider application, its installation generally have the following three methods:

Out of charge In addition to the knife at both ends of the two knives inward bending, the remaining blades are outward, after the middle of the trench, so it is suitable for dismantling plot farming.

2. to the interior. All the blades are to the middle of the bend, after the middle of the ridge, the two adjacent rows of ditch, so apply to do plot farming.

3. Hybrid installation. Left and right machetes on the knife axis staggered symmetrical installation, but the blade at both ends of the blade inward bend, farming surface after the formation is the most commonly used method of installation.

, How to properly adjust the rotary tiller blade

And wheeled tractors supporting the rotary tiller, the tillage by the tractor hydraulic system control. Integral and semi-split hydraulic systems should use position adjustment. The split hydraulic system uses the positioning clamp on the cylinder piston rod to adjust the tillage and the operating handle is placed in the "floating" position.

Rotary tillage machines should be kept at the left and right level of operation, so that the front and rear gearbox in a horizontal state. The horizontal adjustment is through the suspension of the left and right boom to adjust the level, when the tractor forward speed is constant, the knife shaft speed fast, broken soil performance; when the knife shaft speed is slow, broken soil capacity is poor, and the knife shaft speed Timing, tractor speed, the clods thick. In general, the speed of the knife shaft is usually slow block, if the soil is particularly crushed or plowed twice, available fast block. Rotary tillage farming head over time, tractors with Ⅰ, Ⅱ block, till two times, available Ⅲ block.

First, large and medium-sized rotary tiller development process

China's large and medium-sized rotary tiller development began in the late 50s of last century, the early 70s and domestic tractor matching and in the northern region to get rapid promotion, experienced a single machine development, series development, transformation and upgrading of three stages. The rapid development of the beginning of this century, showing a steady start, rapid growth, mature, look forward to the breakthrough characteristics of the stage, the pace of industrial restructuring to speed up the large and medium-sized rotary tiller basically achieved a series, diversification, information technology development aims.

1, the market steady development. After years of development, China gradually formed Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan and other rotary tiller industrial clusters, with large and medium-sized rotary tiller manufacturing and supporting hundreds of enterprises, industry manufacturing capacity begun to take shape, production and sales gradually increased, the emergence of Henan Hao Feng, Yinhua Chunxiang, Xi'an, Asia and Australia and a number of well-known rotary tiller production enterprises, to create more than 300 types of rotary tiller to meet the needs of different regional markets. In particular, Henan Hao Feng in recent years continue to maintain the momentum of leading the development of the industry. Large and medium-sized rotary tiller market sales steadily increased, the social security of more than 500 million units. 2007 to achieve sales of 25 million units in 2009 to create a record high for the first time exceeded 350,000 units in 2011 is expected to sell 35 or so, still continue to high consolidation, showing a sustainable development trend, the basic and tractor market consistent. The winter wheat area is the traditional main sales market for large and medium-sized rotary tillers, and the northeastern region is the main demand area for large-scale compound rotary tillers.

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