Rotary Tiller Tutor You Easily Cope With Agricultural Machinery Failure

- Dec 31, 2016 -

We are in the process of using agricultural machinery, may encounter some trouble, actually, once you have the ways and means, which is not a problem. Rotary tiller manufacturer today will teach you some troubleshooting tips make it easy for you to deal with.
, Valve spring is broken. The case broke two springs can be swapped, stubble breaking back and then reassembled using; if broken into multiple sections, loosen the valve clearance adjustment screw, valve closed, and cut off the oil supply to the cylinder so that it no longer works.
Second, the fan belt breaks. In the fan belt off drill 1 small hole at each end of the crop, with thick wire connects to for temporary use, several ropes into 1 pieces can also be used to replace fan belt, rope end should be caught in the Middle, and then wire tied firmly.
Three, metal pipe cracked or Chlamydia trachomatis. Fracture of olecranon, inside right and have a certain degree of plastic pipe socket, use fine wire tightly at both ends, also temporarily put on SOAP or oil spill tied tape.
Four, fuel pump diaphragm rupture. Using the method of layer-by-layer cover tape, or tarpaulins, plastic sheeting, cut into pieces, clip used in the patch. If the fuel pump rocker arm, rocker arm clearance for large, metal, wire or pin can then be filled in the gap, while the thin wire tied firmly.

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