Rotary Tiller Should Not Be Raised Too High

- Jun 27, 2017 -

  Rotary tiller should not be raised too high. Due to enhance the high, will make the universal joint twist, but also because of the hanging rod tension chain and universal joint drive shaft collision caused parts damage.

  When the tractor power output shaft is engaged, the rotary tiller can not be raised too high, that is, the inclination angle of the universal joint shaft can not be too large and must be engaged after the clutch is completely separated.

  For split hydraulic systems, the depth of rotation is applied to the cylinder of the positioning valve and the positioning clamp control, Rotary tiller in which the dispenser handle should be placed in a floating position, not in a neutral position.

  If you encounter a rotary tiller due to knotting, you can not use the foot pedal forced rotation, or easy to foot twist injury. Rotary tillage machine work, the machine behind the machine and prohibit the station to prevent accidents.

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