Rotary Tiller Rotation Should Pay Attention

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Rotary Tiller Rotation should pay attention

1, horizontal axis: a strong ability to break the soil, and more for the cultivation of shrubs, marshes and grass wasteland farming. The working parts consist of a rotary tiller roll and a plurality of geared blades uniformly arranged by a plurality of spirals, driven by a tractor power output shaft through a transmission, and a conventional rotational speed of 190 to 280 revolutions per minute. The direction of rotation of the roller is usually the same as the direction of rotation of the tractor wheel. The cutting blade cuts the soil layer from the front and back, and throws the pile back above the cover and the carriage to make it further broken. When the knife roll is soiled and the soil is pressed, the reaction force of the soil to the tool roll helps to propel the unit forward, so the tractor of the horizontal rotary tiller is required to have little traction, and sometimes it can even advance the unit by the knife roll.

The cutting blade can be divided into chisel knives, machetes, right angle knives and curved knives. Chisel knives have a narrow front end, have better ability to enter the soil, energy consumption is small, but easy to knit grass, more for weeds less garden and garden. The curved edge of the machete has a sliding effect, easy to cut off the grass and not wrapped around the grass, suitable for rice farming. Right angle knife with vertical and horizontal cutting edge, blade wide, good rigidity, easy to manufacture, but the soil performance is poor. The strength of the curved knife is large, the rigidity is good, and the sliding effect is good, usually used on the heavy rotary tiller. In the following 15 kilowatts tractor matching, the general use of direct connection, without universal joint drive; and 15 kilowatts or more tractor matching, the use of three hanging, universal joint drive; heavy rotary tiller generally used traction.

  In general, the rotary tiller can not only operate on land, but also to achieve the rotation of paddy fields. What do you need to pay attention to when the rotary tiller works in paddy fields? Below the rotary tiller parts manufacturers to introduce it.

1, to select the appropriate paddy field farming time. The right time for spinning and planting is the basic requirement of agricultural production. Generally speaking, 20 days before transplanting, the user will need to cultivate the paddy field. After the completion of the rotary tillage, the user can irrigate according to the requirements of paddy field planting.

2, rotary tiller for paddy field rotation of the machine to pay attention to the state of farming. In contrast to the general field cultivation, the user should select the appropriate rotary tillage stall in the paddy field, and use the largest wheelbase to avoid problems in the process of spinning. Of course, the same as the general dryland rotary tillage, rotary tiller in the rotary tillage should also be timely cleaning debris, in order to reduce the loss of tractors and rotary tillers.

3, due to the particularity of paddy field operations, the user in the use of rotary tiller operations, to avoid mud or water into the rotary tiller, affecting the normal state of rotary tillage. If mud, water accidentally into the rotary tiller, the user should do a good job in time to stop the operation, so as to avoid danger.

4, and dryland rotary tillage operations, in the paddy field rotary tillage, but also do the rotary tiller maintenance and maintenance work, in time to clean up the debris on the rotary tiller, regular rotary tiller maintenance and adjustment, is also very necessary.

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