Rotary Tiller Reducing Operation

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Rotary Tiller Reducing operation

Rotary tiller is a kind of rotary knife roller are driven by a tractor to complete the plow, harrow, the soil preparation homework, it can cut vegetation material and mix it with the whole magnetism, such as fertilizers and pesticides also can mix to magnetism. After the rotation tillage, the soil is full, the surface is smooth, and the operation procedure is reduced, so it is widely used.

Install before use

1, installation and matching three wheeled tractor mounted rotary cultivator, should be cut off the power output shaft power, remove the output shaft cover cap, and articulated good rotary cultivator while backing, and then the universal joint with a square shaft into rotary cultivator driveshaft, filed a rotary cultivator, turn the knife shaft by hand to see its operation is flexible, then take the set of universal joint sets into the tractor pto shaft is fixed. Attention should be paid to the installation: the fork joint of the square shaft and the square sleeve should be in the same plane. If it is wrong, the universal joint will make a sound and the rotary tiller will increase vibration and damage the machine parts. After the universal joint is installed, the safety pin should be aligned to the groove on the spline shaft, and the opening pin is used for locking.

2. When installing the rotary cultivator with supporting tractor, the tractor should be tilted forward, remove the drawing frame, and use five double-headed bolts to fix the rotary tiller to the gearbox. Note that the two positioning pins on the two joint surfaces should be correct to ensure the correct meshing of the gear after assembly. If the gear in the gearbox is installed, the gear in the gearbox in the gearbox should not be hard pressed, and the pulley should be moved to make the gearbox rotate in an Angle. In addition, the thickness of the paper cushion should be guaranteed to be 0. 45 ~ 0. 55mm, too thick or too thin will affect the meshing gap between the two meshing gears. When removing the rotary tiller, cover the gearbox with the cover to prevent the clutter from falling into the box.

The rotary cultivator is the farm machinery that complete the ploughing and rake work with the tractor. It has been widely used because of its characteristics such as strong soil ability and flat surface. At the same time, it can cut the root stubble below the surface of the earth, facilitate the planting machine and provide a good bed for the later planting. Proper use and adjustment of rotary tiller, to maintain its good technical state, ensure the cultivation quality is very important.

It is also called rotary tilling machine. According to the way of the rotation of the spindle, the shaft is divided into two types: horizontal axis and vertical axis. There are more and more horizontal axis rotary cultivators using the horizontal horizontal axis.

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