Rotary Tiller Prepare Before Use

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Rotary Tiller Prepare before use

In order to ensure that the rotary tiller can be used normally, but also to ensure that the rotary tillage effect, so we have to do some preparatory work before use, the following by the rotary tiller manufacturers for us to introduce the preparation before use.

On the use of rotary tiller before the preparatory work, rotary tiller manufacturers said the main work include:

1, check the movement of the movement is flexible, if the phenomenon of stuck should be identified to exclude the cause.

2, check the gear box gear oil, oil quality is in line with the requirements; if necessary, replace, add a new gear oil; the bearings, bushings should also be filled with grease.

3, check the parts are complete, intact, rotary tillage blade installation is solid, with or without defects, cracks. If so, should be matched with the blade, according to the provisions of the correct torque tightening.

4, check the tension of the transmission chain. When the knife shaft is pulled by hand, if it is easier to turn around about 20 °, then it is very laborious. If the tightness does not match, tighten the tensioning screw to adjust it.

5, check the blade installed method is consistent with agronomic requirements. In the general case, the surface of the surface after the ridge of the ridge, suitable for the plot before the former; outside the surface of the surface after the trench, suitable for demolition of farming or rotary tillage joint operation; After the rake field or double grab the season when the cultivated land.

6, check the correct after the trial farming. In the case of tillage, the rotary tiller is slightly raised from the ground, combined with the power output shaft, and the rotary tiller is rotated at a low speed to check whether the parts are operating normally. When everything is normal, the rotary tiller is dropped and the walking clutch Tractor forward. If you find a problem in the tillage, you should promptly find the cause to be excluded.

According to rotary tiller manufacturers experts said that the common blade installation methods are:

1. Commonly used (flat) blade installation method (staggered installation method). From the entire axis to see the left and right machete is staggered installation, in the same section of the knife seat on the installation of a left and right two blades, this arrangement after the plowing surface flat, suitable for flat work.

2. Rotation - Trenching installation method (outward installation method). Starting from the middle of the knife axis, the left full left machete, the right full right machete knife, knife shaft on both sides of the outermost end are installed in the curved knife, the installation of the machete has to both sides of the earth The role of the middle of the shallow trench, can reduce the ditch of the workload, suitable for ditch in the farming area.

3. The installation method (inward installation method). Starting from the middle of the knife axis, both sides of the machete in full bends, from the plow after the cross-section view, the middle of the ground raised, for rotary tillage for the field, in the machine cross-ditch farming, part of the clods to the ditch to fill the trench effect. Machete installation should be carried out in a row, do not make mistakes machete direction, must be cutting edge soil, prohibit the knife back into the soil, so that the machine is too large to damage the mechanical parts, and affect the quality of farming. Make sure the installation is correct, then tighten the fixing nut.

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