Rotary Tiller Operation Instruction

- Jul 21, 2017 -

  Rotary Tiller Operation Instruction

  1. Rotary tillage operations generally use a block, but in the lighter load of weeding operations and paddy field secondary rotary tillage can use two block to improve production efficiency.

  2. When ploughing, do not make weeds in the plow knife twining too much, otherwise will increase the power consumption of tractors and parts wear. Remove the weeds when the small throttle, the clutch is placed in the "away" position, and spin the claw out of the claws, so that it is in a separate state, and then pull the weeds out with a hook.

  3. When plowing, once found muddy water into the plow knife transmission box, must immediately stop farming, eliminate the fault, otherwise it will be bound to make the chain and gears too fast wear, or even cause a break.

  4. The operation can be shuttled back and forth, or in the shape of the block to perform circular operations. If the back-and-forth operation must stay 1 meters, in order to benefit in-situ steering, the turn must be raised in order to avoid the plow shaft by torque too large and damage. In the field transfer, over the ridge or high and low places can not use reversing transfer.

  Rotary Tiller Repair and maintenance

  1. After each shift, check the fastening condition of the blade, check the oil level of the gearbox, remove the mud, grass and oil from the knife shaft and the hood.

  2. After 100 hours of work, in addition to completion of each class maintenance project, should replace gear box and gearbox gear oil, check the wear of the blade, the necessary replacement and repair. Check the tension of the chain.

  3. After the end of each quarter, in addition to the completion of the above maintenance items, the two ends of the shaft should be washed and removed, inspection of oil seals, necessary replacement, remove all the blade check and correction, grinding blade after coated with butter to save, check or repair the shell of various connectors.

  4. Long-term parking should thoroughly remove the sludge from the rotary tiller, clean the oil and put it in the room. A padded rotary tiller, supported by a support rod. The exposed spline shaft and gears should be oiled and rust-proof.

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