Rotary Tiller Have Good

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Rotary Tiller Have good

Rotary work, the tractor power will be directly in the form of torque on the working parts, rotary tillers required traction force smaller, changing the tractor adhesion due to lack of power can not fully use the phenomenon. The use of traction institutions to improve the efficiency of mechanical tillage, with good power and operating performance, let's take a look at the specific role of the rotary tiller traction mechanism. First, let's look at the working principle of the traction mechanism. When the rotary tiller is pulling the work, the traction is the resistance line of the working machine on the horizontal projection plane at the time of work, parallel to the forward direction of the unit, and through the power center, the hydraulic lock control hydraulic arm extends a certain length, Forming a new rigid structure, will eventually limit the swing range of the traction bar, resistance and forward direction of a parallel trend, and traction balance, making the rotary tiller to get better straightness; when the rotary tiller needs to bias the tractor On the left and right sides, the directional valve to move to the corresponding position, the hydraulic arm to achieve elongation or shortening, the traction mechanism will be synchronized to rotate into an angle, the rotary tiller moved to the desired position, the hydraulic valve moved to the median, The formation of a triangular rigid structure, rotary tiller to achieve fixed.

The traction mechanism consists of power suspension frame, rotary tiller frame, traction rod and retractable hydraulic arm. It adopts two parallel articulated four-bar mechanism to ensure that the two racks are still working in oblique traction. Keep the parallel, the bar can be around the part of the hinge to achieve a full range of operation, some rods can also move in both directions at the same time, according to the century need to adjust the rotary tiller offset angle, and ultimately complete the tractor power output flexibility The rigid connection of the traction device. Because the small rotary tiller work width will be less than the tractor body width, it is not suitable for being extended to the field corner area, so we small rotary tiller traction structure and drive system for a corresponding improvement, hoping to To ensure the existing functions of the rotary tiller at the same time, to meet the needs of the corners to farming. Power transmission shaft directly connected with the power output shaft, the clutch through the transmission mechanism and other rigid components, the power in the form of torque on the working parts. The first step, start the tractor, reversing, pay attention to reversing the middle of the position of the hanger, the suspension rod to the appropriate height, continue to reverse, until the rotary tiller hungry left and right hanging pin connected.

The second step, the installation of hanging rod, in accordance with the order of the first left and right, this is because the right side of the lift rod with a screw, you can adjust the length, so with the left side of the hanging rod, the installation easier. Wait until both sides of the hanging rod are installed before the next step to install the bolt work.

The third step, after the installation of a good plug inserted plug, then you can install the universal joint, and also need to plug the plug, and open the cotter pin.

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