Rotary Tiller For Rotary Rakes Jobs

- Dec 31, 2016 -

Rotary tiller is a multifunctional agricultural machinery, we mainly describe its application in Rotary rake operation, Rotary Harrow is a paddy field cropping systems.
Plow installation: Coulter installed properly to ensure the rotary machine for normal operations, plays an important role. When users use can be properly installed according to soil surface conditions. For long jobs, we generally Coulter elbow, installation, fill the ditch job, we always installed elbow to Coulter and so on, different installation suitable for different farming practices.
Inlet flow control: Rotary cultivator Rotary Harrow jobs, well into the water, the right amount of water. If too much water, it may cause the fields is not easy oars, do not end up farming requirements. If the water is too small, may result in not easy to rake, will also increase the friction, is not conducive to play a normal role in soil.
The direction of travel: standard method for oblique rake method. So-called oblique rake method along the field of diagonal-left or-right a harrowing picture starts to Harrow tillage, gradually expanded outwards, eventually rake around the edge of a circle. This method can reduce cropping time, improve the efficiency of farming, and less fuel consumption, cultivation of good quality.
Harrowing times: is generally determined by the characteristics of paddy and crop requirements, seedling-throwing paddy Harrow two or three times for the best, and artificial planting fields, with rake twice as good. Users must not think that harrowing times will have a negative impact on crops, this is completely wrong. Too many harrowing times, would not only destroy the soil particle structure, leading to soil compaction and will accelerate the agricultural machinery wear and fuel consumption.
Note: in the paddy field work, inevitably will have a sliding trap, the operator shall do a good non-slip steps, when it encounters a sliding trap can take pile self-help or oxen or tractor power lift it out.

  • Heavy 116hp,117hp,118 Hp ,72 Blades Rotary Tiller,equipment Tillers
  • Heavy 106hp ,107hp, 108hp, 109hp,110 Hp Rotary Tiller ,rotary Hole
  • Heavy Duty 81hp ,82hp ,83hp, 84hp, 85 Hp Rotary Tiller ,rototiller
  • Farm Rotavator 60hp,61hp,62 Hp Rotary Tiller,40 Blades Rotary Tiller,pto Rotary Tiller
  • Medium Duty 57hp,58hp,59 Hp ,3 Point Rotary Tiller , Rototiller
  • Medium Power Farm 39hp, 40hp, 41 Hp ,tractor-mounted Tillers

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