Rotary Tiller Drive The Rotary Knife Roll To Complete

- Aug 15, 2017 -

Rotary Tiller Drive the rotary knife roll to complete

The rotary tiller is a tractor that drives the rotary tiller to complete the tillage, rake, and land preparation. It can mix the vegetation and mix it into the whole tillage layer. It can also mix fertilizer, pesticide, etc. in the tillage layer The After the rotary tillage operation, the soil is smooth and the surface is smooth and the operation process is reduced, so it is widely used.

 Use before installation

 1, the installation and wheeled tractor supporting the three-point hanging rotary tiller, you should first cut off the power output shaft power, remove the output shaft cover, reversing and hooking a good rotary tiller, and then with the square Universal joint into the rotary tiller drive shaft, lift the rotary tiller, hand knife axis to see whether the operation is flexible, and then set the square with the universal joint into the tractor power output shaft fixed. Installation should pay attention to: the square shaft and square sleeve fork should be in the same plane, if installed wrong, universal joints will sound, rotary tiller vibration increases, and can damage the parts. After the universal joint is installed, insert the safety pin into the groove on the spline shaft and insert it with the cotter pin.

 2, the installation and tractor supporting the rotary tiller, the tractor should be tilted forward, remove the traction box, with five studs to the rotary tiller fixed on the gearbox. Note that the two pins on the two union surfaces should be aligned to ensure proper engagement of the gears after assembly. If the gears in the gearbox of the rotary tiller gear are connected with the gears in the gearbox, they can not be hard pressed and hardened. The pulley should be tilted and the gears in the gearbox should be rotated at an angle. In addition, it should be guaranteed that the thickness of the pad at the connection to the gearbox is 0.45 to 0.55 mm, which is too thick or too thin to affect the meshing clearance of the two meshing gears. When removing the rotary tiller, use the shroud to cover the gearbox to prevent the debris from falling into the box.

Rotary tillage machine is complete with the tractor supporting the completion of the gap between the adjacent knife is relatively large. The correct use and adjustment of the rotary tiller, and the number and size of the blade are relatively large, easy to sowing machine operations, raking operations of the machine, to maintain its good technical condition, flat surface after farming and other characteristics; at the same time can be cut under the surface Of the stubble

Rotary knife for the working parts of the drive-type soil farming machinery, also known as rotary tillers. According to the configuration of the rotary knife axis is divided into shaft and rotary tiller vertical axis two types. To the horizontal axis of the horizontal axis of the horizontal rotary tiller more applications.

  • Heavy Duty 83hp,84hp,85 Hp 60 Blades Rotary Tiller ,otovator
  • Heavy Duty 77hp,78hp,79hp,80 Hp ,60 Blades Rotary Tiller
  • Heavy Duty 63hp,64hp,65 Hp Rotary Tiller,66 Blades Rotovator Rotary Tiller
  • Medium Duty 57hp,58hp,59 Hp ,3 Point Rotary Tiller , Rototiller
  • Medium Deep 45hp,46hp,47 Hp ,3 Point Side Drive Rotary Hole
  • Pto Drive 27hp,28hp,29 Hp ,gear Drive Rotary Tiller ,agricultural Rotovator

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