Rotary Tiller Blade Arrangement Requirements

- Oct 23, 2017 -

Some requirements of the rotary tiller blade arrangement:

1. In the same rotation plane, if the allocation of more than two of the blade, the requirements of each cutting area within a few machetes of the amount of soil close to ensure that the quality of broken soil, after the trench at the end of the flat; , The knife shaft each turn through an equal angle, in the same phase angle, must be a machete into the soil, the torque is more balanced, reduce the torque fluctuation range, to ensure the stability of the work and the knife shaft load uniform; axial adjacent knife Tooth spacing, in order not to produce leaking belt for the principle, are generally greater than single-width.

2. The left and right curved blades should be diverted into the soil so that the side pressure of the bearing at both ends of the arbor is balanced to reduce the torque of the rotary tiller's center of gravity of the rotary tiller and keep the linearity of the rotary tiller. The larger the axial distance of the blade on the arbor, the better the angle between the adjacent adjacent machetes, as far as possible, to avoid interference or clogging.

During the operation of the rotary tiller, most of the tractor power is used to drive the roll, and its value can be determined. There are many factors that affect the power consumption, mainly the shaft speed, unit speed, tillage, soil moisture and soil firmness, soil and so on. In addition, the type and arrangement of stubble and rotary tiller are different The extent of the impact.

The rotary tiller gearbox relates to the field of agricultural machinery, including the box, and the input shaft, output shaft, transition shaft and joystick mounted on the box. The input shaft is equipped with input gears. The transition shaft is equipped with transition gears I and The gears are provided with transmission gears and engaging sleeves on the output shaft. The head of the joystick is provided on the engaging sleeve. By adjusting the joystick can be achieved neutral, first gear and second gear forward power output. When the need to achieve reverse output, remove the transition axis, so that the input shaft can be directly driven output shaft. With high and low speed and forward and reverse transformation of the function, according to the soil environment and operational requirements to choose, in order to obtain the desired operating results.

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