Rotary Tiller Advance Speed

- Sep 08, 2017 -

Rotary Tiller Advance speed

Rotary harrows harrow use advantage

1. Rotary rake speed. In the rotary tiller operation can not blindly pursue the speed, should be based on specific circumstances to set the tractor's forward speed and speed of the plow shaft. Tractors can be moved forward with slow second gears when the first run of the paddy field has not yet been plowed, and the plow shank is suitable for low speed; when the second, third and plowed fields are cultivated Tractor selection slow third gear speed, plow knife shaft with high speed.

2. rake the number of days. Rake field number is based on the technical requirements of rice cultivation, usually, throwing rice fields rake two to three times, artificial planting seedlings of the plots to twice as well, if the times will break the soil too much Structure, easily lead to soil compaction, but also to accelerate the wear and tear of agricultural machinery, fuel consumption; and the number of times too few can not meet the requirements of agronomy, so the specific circumstances of specific treatment.

3. Beware of slipping. You can do the first preventive measures, before the use of bamboo in the pond, ditch fill in the fill at the mark. In case of depression, there are two solutions, the first is self-help, that is, piling the way, in front of the motorcycle about five meters to play a stump, the wire rope tied to a pile, the other end tied to the drive wheel The Start the tractor and drive the tractor through the wire rope around the drive wheel and pull it out of the trap. The second is to borrow external forces, such as borrowed cattle or more powerful tractors to pull out. Greenhouse is a high-yield, high-yield wealth industry, and it is also a very large labor force, usually the earth production several times or even ten twenty times, so the management of the greenhouse is very important. The greenhouse for agricultural machinery is also known as the direction of research in recent years, take a small rotary tiller is concerned, the greenhouse need a kind of greenhouse can be cultivated, ditch furrow, planting, planting weeding, harvesting, spraying , Spray and short-distance transport, and so on a number of operations to achieve a small rotary tiller products, it is best to cultivate the corridor of the greenhouse. So what about this small rotary tiller? What benefits can it bring?

    And the general small rotary tiller products are no different, the machine uses AC motor as the driving force, and has strong power, farming speed, do not discharge harmful gases, low noise, but also has a safe and reliable, energy efficient, pollution-free, etc. Advantage. Now the existing equipment on the market are equipped with a strong cut, broken soil capacity, a job will be able to achieve several times the effect of plow rake, and farming fine, provincial farmers, the provincial labor. This product into the greenhouse production will be able to achieve the mechanization of vegetable fields, and to achieve the liberation of artificial labor. Greenhouse vegetable land can be achieved more crop cultivation, increase farmers' income, improve the quality of operations.

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  • Heavy Duty 101hp, 102hp, 103hp, 104hp,105 Hp Rotary Tiller,rotovator
  • Heavy Duty 96hp, 97hp, 98hp, 99hp,100 Hp Rotary Tiller ,tractor Rotovator
  • Medium Duty 57hp,58hp,59 Hp ,3 Point Rotary Tiller , Rototiller
  • Medium Type 3-point 42hp ,43hp, 44 Hp , 36 Blades Rotary Tiller
  • Medium Power Farm 39hp, 40hp, 41 Hp ,tractor-mounted Tillers

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