Rotary Tiller According To The Configuration Of The Rotary Knife Axis

- Jul 05, 2017 -

Rotary Tiller According to the configuration of the rotary knife axis

The rotary tiller is a farming machine that is equipped with a tractor to complete the tillage and rake operations. Because of its strong ability to break the soil, the flat surface after farming and other characteristics, and has been widely used; at the same time be able to cut the root stubble buried in the surface, easy to sowing operations for the late planting to provide a good seed bed. Proper use and adjustment of the rotary tiller is important to maintain its good technical condition and to ensure the quality of farming. Rotary knife for the working parts of the drive-type soil farming machinery, also known as rotary tillers. According to the configuration of the rotary knife axis is divided into horizontal axis and

Vertical axis two types. To the horizontal axis of the horizontal axis of the horizontal rotary tiller more applications. Classification has a strong ability to break the soil, a job that can make the soil crushing, soil and fertilizer mixed evenly, the ground is flat, to dry land planting or paddy field planting requirements, help to fight for agriculture, improve work efficiency, and can take full advantage of the power of tractors The But the residual crop, weed the ability to cover poor, deep tillage (dry farming 12 to 16 cm; water 14 to 18 cm), the energy consumption is greater. Mainly used for rice fields and vegetable fields, also used for orchard farming. Heavy horizontal horizontal rotary tiller tillage depth of up to 20 to 25 cm, used for reclamation of shrubs, swamps and grass wasteland.

Horizontal axis

There is a strong ability to break the soil, and more for the cultivation of shrubs, marshes and grass wasteland farming. The working parts (see figure) include a rotary tiller roll and a plurality of loom blades arranged in a multi-head spiral, driven by a tractor power output shaft through a transmission, with a common speed of 190 to 280 rpm. The direction of rotation of the roller is usually the same as the direction of rotation of the tractor wheel. The cutting blade cuts the soil layer from front to back, and throws the pile back above the cover and the carriage to make it further broken. When the knife roll is soiled and the soil is pressed, the reaction force of the soil to the tool roll helps to propel the unit forward, so the tractor of the horizontal rotary tiller is required to have a small traction, and sometimes it can even advance the unit by the knife roll. The cutting blade can be divided into chisel knives, machetes, right angle knives and curved knives. Chisel knives have a narrow front end, have better ability to enter the soil, energy consumption is small, but easy to knit grass, more for weeds less garden and garden. The curved edge of the machete has a sliding effect, easy to cut off the grass and not knit grass, suitable for rice farming. Right angle knife with vertical and horizontal cutting edge, blade wide, good rigidity, easy to manufacture, but the soil performance is poor. The strength of the arc knife is good, the rigidity is good, the sliding effect is good, usually used on the heavy rotary tiller. In the following 15 kilowatts tractor matching, the general use of direct connection, without universal joint drive; and 15 kilowatts or more tractor matching, the use of three hanging, universal joint drive; heavy rotary tiller generally used traction. The tillage is controlled and regulated by the carriage or the limited wheel. The trays are located behind the knife roll, and both the crushed soil and the leveling effect; the deepening wheel is located in front of the knife roll. The last stage of the roller is equipped with two kinds of side drive and central drive. The side drive is mostly used for the smaller rotary tiller. The central transmission for the larger tillage of the rotary tiller, the machine's symmetry is good, the machine force evenly; but the transmission box below a strip due to the formation of soil cutting blade is not leaking, need to be set aside to eliminate leakage Of the device.

Vertical axis

The working part is a rotary tiller with 2 to 3 spiral cutters. The rotary tiller rotates around the shaft, and the cutter chooses the soil. Applicable to paddy field water, a strong crushed soil, from the pulp, but poor coverage. Used in Japan more.

In order to enhance the tillage of the rotary tiller, a variety of additional devices were installed on rotary tillers in some countries. Such as in the rotary tiller attached to the back of the tooth rake to enhance the role of soil, the addition of loose soil to deepen the plow layer.

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