Rotary Mechanical Adjustment

- Dec 31, 2016 -

1. Level adjustment. Dragging with the tiller to stop flat on the ground at the beginning, reducing Rotary tiller, blade 5 cm off the ground, consistency of observations around the tip height above ground, tool in the job level to ensure consistent, uniform tillage depth.
2. Before and after the level adjustment. When tiller fell to the depth you want to observe universal joint angle and Rotary tiller shaft is closer to horizontal position. If the gimbal angle too large, adjust the lever on, Rotary tiller in a horizontal position.
3. Lift height adjustment. Rotary tillage operations, universal joint angle does not allow more than 10 degrees, head turns are no greater than 30 degrees. Therefore, the promotion of Rotary tiller, for available use the adjusting screw in place the handle screw limit; use the height-adjustable, ascend to pay particular attention, such as the need to increase Rotary tiller, removal of the universal joint power.

  • Heavy Duty 101hp, 102hp, 103hp, 104hp,105 Hp Rotary Tiller,rotovator
  • Heavy Duty 66hp,67hp,68 Hp ,44 Blades Rotary Tiller,rotary Hole
  • Medium Type 48hp,49hp,50 Hp Rotary Tiller,medium Size Farm Use Rotary Tiller
  • Tractor Mounted 33hp,34hp,35 Hp Rotary Tiller for Agriculture,side Drive Rotary Tiller
  • Light Merry 30hp,31hp,32 Hp ,28 Blades Tractor Mounted Rotary Tiller
  • Mini Tiller 20hp 19hp,18hp,16hp ,16 Blades One Speed Diesel Engine Rotary Tiller

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