Rotary Cultivator And Tractor Connections?

- Dec 31, 2016 -

The first step, launch, reversing the tractor, pay attention when reversing central location, must aim at the hanging, carried the suspension rod to an appropriate height, continued to reverse until hungry for and tiller left and right suspension pin connections.
The second step, install suspension rail, in the order of left to right, this is because's on the lift rod screw on the right side, you can adjust the length, so compared with the left suspension rods, installation is easier. Wait until after the suspension rods are installed on both sides, work could proceed to install the bolt.
The third step, after lever pressed the latch has been installed, you can install the gimbal also need to plug in the plug, and pull out PIN.
More than three steps is the installation of Rotary tiller and tractor the whole process is very simple and easy to learn?

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