New-bought Rotary Tiller Before And After The Use Of Exquisite

- Jul 10, 2017 -

  New-bought Rotary Tiller before and after the use of exquisite

  Rotary tiller to light, flexible, features and many of the characteristics of low prices, by the vast number of vegetable farmers, many farmers themselves bought the machine. But Rotary Tiller is used one or two times a year, many vegetable farmers lack of understanding of the new purchase machine, unreasonable operation, lack of maintenance, resulting in a greatly reduced service life, and affect the use of results.

  Before the new machine is used

  Whether it is a Rotary Tiller or other machines, before use should be properly running-in, otherwise it is easy to cause serious machine wear, shorten its service life. It is very wrong that some vegetable growers have just bought a large accelerator to operate directly or to keep the machine idling. Therefore, whether the newly purchased Rotary tiller or the rotary tiller after overhaul must be properly running-in.

  The new machine correct running-in method is: The first step, the engine and the machine idling running-in, respectively, at low speed, medium speed, high-speed each operation, a total of about 5 hours; the second step, with 50% load running-in, is generally to find more soft land for rotary tillage operations, about 15 hours; The third step, the replacement of engine oil, after the completion of the two steps, after hot release the engine oil, to refill the appropriate amount of new oil; step fourth, check the adjustment of valve clearance and other operating procedures Tighten loose screws and so on. The rotary tiller of the crank linkage (such as crankshaft, connecting rod, small tile, piston, piston ring, etc.) has been replaced before it can be put into normal use.

  To standardize operations during use

  Every year, due to the operation of the cause of irregular rotary tiller, not only to shorten the life of the farm machinery, but also to the personal safety of the owner of the serious threat. It is recommended that the grower should regulate the operation when using the rotary tiller. To avoid long time overload operation, in the muddy and hard field, found that the machine to take black smoke, to timely reduce gear, the detection of abnormal sound to stop repair, to remove the fault before restarting, the various parts of the gap to be adjusted; When the farmland should be checked at any time on the engine throttle regulation has no foreign body stuck, otherwise can not refuel starting; Do not work long hours, otherwise it is easy to lubricate the engine, prevent the diesel engine from adding gasoline, cause the diesel engine damage; When the throttle shutdown must be put on two big throttle and then shutdown, after the shutdown must be the hand pull plate, hand pull rope to tighten off the valve, in case cold air into the cylinder might start.

  Scientific maintenance after use

  Many farmers now plant a number of greenhouses, micro-tillage machine either for a few months without, or continuous work for a long time, the damage to the machine is often more serious. Therefore, must do well the maintenance work of Rotary Tiller. Maintenance not only in time, but also scientific and reasonable, only in this way to keep the machine in the best condition.

  The reporter suggested that the rotation of the captain of the time no need to store before, to first diesel engine low speed operation of 5 minutes, and then hot out of the diesel engine and gearbox of the oil, and in accordance with the requirements of the new oil. At the same time pay attention not to dismantle the wind cooling fan shroud and the windshield, lest the fan's wind can not concentrate, affect the cooling effect. Finally clear the micro-tillage machine and tools on the oil, soil, weeds, etc., the machine stored in the ventilated dry and not by the sun and rain place.

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