Light Duty Rotary Tilleruse Correctly

- Aug 23, 2017 -

The light rotary tiller is an agricultural machinery that cooperates with the tractor to complete the rake operation. Proper use and adjustment of the rotary tiller is very important to maintain its good technical condition and ensure the quality of farming.

1, be careful when using

When the unit starts, it should first join the power output shaft power, then hang the work block, slowly clutch the clutch, while manipulating the hydraulic lift handle or lift device, so that the rotary tiller blade gradually into the soil, then increase the throttle, until the normal tillage. Absolutely prohibit the rotary tiller on the ground suddenly combined with the force, or the rotary tiller slam into the soil, otherwise the blade, knife shaft by the impact load, and lead to rotary tiller and tractor drive damage.

Note the operation to listen to the work of whether the components of noise and metal percussion, if there should be immediately stop inspection, troubleshooting can continue to operate.

When the rotary tillage is too deep, the soil is sticky or too hard, the tractor takes black smoke and accompanied by the slip phenomenon, should be appropriate to reduce the tillage or reduce the tillage, or hanging into the low block. Turn, should reduce the throttle, tail wheel and steering clutch to cooperate with each other, slow to prohibit the sharp turn to prevent damage to the parts. When the wheeled tractor turns or reverses, it should raise the rotary tiller to prevent the blade from breaking and distorting the knife shaft.

When crossing the ridge, the rotary tiller should be placed in the separation of the operating position, so that the tractor suddenly after the tilt, blade wounding.

Timely removal of the knife shaft, blade on the scorch, so as not to damage the knife axis, affecting tillage. Be sure to turn off the engine when removing scratches.

Universal joint work, both ends should be close to the level, the angle should not be greater than 10 degrees; in the working state to enhance the angle of not more than 30 degrees, while reducing the speed to prevent damage to the universal joint drive shaft assembly.

Operation, the rotary tiller machine and the machine is strictly prohibited station, to prevent danger. After 3-4 hours of work, should stop checking whether the blade loose, deformation. Found abnormal, should be promptly tightened or replaced. When checking and troubleshooting, the engine must be flung to ensure personal safety.

Field transfer, should raise the rotary tiller, and cut off the power output shaft power. If the transfer distance is large, apply the locking device to fix the rotary tiller in a certain position, or remove the universal joint transfer.

When parked, the rotary tiller should be landed and suspended. After the use of the maintenance work after the end of the need for long-term storage, should be removed, wash the rotary tiller appearance of soil, knit grass, replace the gear box gear oil, lubrication of the lubrication parts; remove the blade, universal joint and oil Placed in the room; other exposed parts of the oil rust, damaged parts of the timely repair or replacement, and then pad the rotary tiller, stored in the dark, shelter, ventilated and dry place.

2, the operation should be careful when careful operation

Rotary tiller should not be raised too high. Due to enhance the high, will make the universal joint twist, but also because of the hanging rod tension chain and universal joint drive shaft caused by damage to parts.

When the tractor power output shaft is engaged, the rotary tiller can not be raised too high, that is, the inclination angle of the universal joint shaft can not be too large, and must be engaged after the clutch is completely separated.

For the split hydraulic system, the rotary tillage depth is applied to the cylinder's positioning valve and the positioning clamp control, where the dispenser handle should be placed in a floating position and not in a neutral position.

If you encounter a rotary tiller due to knitting, you can not use the foot pedal forced rotation, or easy to foot twist injury. Rotary tillage machine work, the machine behind the machine and prohibit the station to prevent accidents.

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