Light Duty Rotary Tiller The Working Method Of The Rotary Tiller

- Jul 20, 2017 -

Light Duty Rotary Tiller The working method of the rotary tiller

The working method of the rotary tiller

Rotary tillage machine operating methods, generally in the block is not large when the spindle method, back to the law; in the block is large, the plot can be divided into residential area, the use of sets of farming method.

Six, the common reasons for the failure of the rotary tiller

1. The rotary tiller uses a jaw clutch. Due to the long time of use, the teeth are closely worn, so that the meshing teeth are flattened and have a rounded shape, and the self- The process of easy to slip and off the block.

2. Meshing sets of positioning spring elasticity is too small or broken, the engagement force or vibration of the unit, the clutch sleeve to produce axial sliding and off the block.

3. Meshing sleeve of the directional steel ball shaft wear and tear, the unit in the course of the ball produced by the axial movement, so that the teeth off.

4. Pull the groove and the steering rod ball wear too much, the shift process due to the axial free gap is too large, even if the hanging block, meshing teeth of the meshing width is small, in case of load changes or when the unit jump is easy to off block.

Seven, rotary tiller removal fault troubleshooting method

1. Clutch meshing teeth bald, it should be promptly repaired or replaced. Repair can be used carbon copper electrode surfacing engagement teeth, and then standard tooth indentation after welding finishing, and according to the provisions of heat treatment.

2. Replace the spring with a small or broken spring with a standard spring to ensure that the engagement sleeve has sufficient positioning stability and reliability.

3. Mesh sets the groove of the positioning ball, such as excessive wear, should be repaired or replaced with new pieces.

4. Dial groove and the steering ball ball wear can be over-welded, the manual finishing after heat treatment. Can not repair the replacement of new pieces.

8, the correct maintenance of the rotary tiller

"Anti-rule, pay attention to repair" is the use of rotary tiller maintenance principles. The maintenance of the rotary tiller is divided into class maintenance and quarterly maintenance.

1. After each class operation should be maintained, including:

① check the tightening connection bolts; ② check the plug, cotter and other wearing parts and other defects, if necessary, replacement; ③ check the transmission box, the cross and the bearing is lack of oil, if necessary, immediately added.

2. Quarterly maintenance should be performed after each quarterly completion, including:

① thoroughly remove the dust and oil on the machine; ② thoroughly replace the lubricating oil and grease; ③ check the blade is excessive wear and tear, if necessary, new; ④ check the hood, carriage, etc. whether the deformation, to restore its prototype or new ; ⑤ full inspection of the appearance of the machine, brush paint, in the machete, spline shaft oil on the rust; ⑥ long-term use, wheeled tractor matching rotary tiller should be placed on the level of the ground, not hanging on the tractor.

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