Light Duty Rotary Tiller The Ability To Break The Soil

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Light Duty Rotary Tiller The ability to break the soil

See the light rotary tiller operations, as if back to the country's busy season, folks are busy farming, planting, ready for the autumn harvest. Everywhere filled with full of busy and distributed by the pleasant atmosphere, which is unique to the country simple atmosphere. So what is a light rotary tiller?

The light rotary tiller is an agricultural machinery used in conjunction with tractors, and its role is to cultivate land and rake. The machine's ability to break the soil is very strong, after the cultivation of the surface is very flat, and it can also be buried in the ground below the root stubble, easy sowing machine operations, farmers are a good helper. The reason is that it has all the advantages, because of its advanced design structure, the machine's chisel knife front narrow, easy to enter, and energy consumption is not much. The curved edge of the machete has a sliding effect, easy to cut grass roots and not knit grass, especially suitable for paddy fields farming. China's population is the largest proportion of farmers, and farmers in the farming process should also pay attention to save time and effort, and the emergence of light rotary tiller to change the original mode of operation. It is a kind of equipment with the tractor to complete the task of harvesting and other tasks, and because the light rotary tiller with a strong ability to break the soil, plowing the surface of the land surface is widely used to achieve the harvest in the process of saving time and high , The correct use of light rotary tiller is very important, let's talk about how to use light rotary tiller properly.

Before use, make sure that the various parts of the light rotary tiller work properly to avoid problems causing personal injury. At the beginning of the work, the light rotary tiller should be in a raised state, the knife shaft should be adjusted to the appropriate speed, and then drop the light rotary tiller and the blade slowly into the soil, such as speed or decline too fast May cause the blade to bend. In the course of work, should ensure that the slow rotary tiller slow forward, in order to better crush the soil, so that the soil crushing, but also can reduce the friction on the parts to extend the life of light rotary tiller. In the ground to turn, to stop working, reduce the throttle to prevent damage to the blade, in the reverse or transfer of land, be sure to light rotary tiller to the highest position, after use, to clear the miscellaneous Grass and soil, maintenance of light rotary tiller. Specific precautions are as follows.

1. local conditions. If there are more stones in the field, it is recommended to use other agricultural equipment for farming.

2. correct operation. First start and join the power, and then slowly fall down the tools, so that the blade of the light rotary tiller slowly into the soil, the corner must first enhance the farm tools, or easy to damage the transmission parts.

3. Model support. The length of the selected universal joint and the length of the sleeve should be matched with the farm model. If the square shaft and sleeve are too long, the transmission parts will be damaged in use.

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