Light Duty Rotary Tiller Supporting Range

- Oct 23, 2017 -

Light Duty Rotary Tiller Supporting range

Raise the rotary tiller, if you think of mind or a few years ago the rotary tiller look, then you are outdated. In the present era, anything in the development are in progress, how can the rotary tiller can be stagnant? In recent years, the sales of rotary tillers have been ahead of other machinery sales. In the past, the traditional rotary tiller products used external traction type, because of the strength and structural size constraints, the function has been relatively simple, the scope is limited to medium and small power tractors, the lack of large and deep plowing products. However, in the actual life, the previous rotary tiller is not only short life and low performance, can not meet the needs of people and I have to meet the agronomic requirements, and now the farming machine compared with the previous, has made great progress. But must also continue to move forward, the only way to stand out in the same machinery, to be able to be people's pro-Lai. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, and the arrival of the machine age, the popularity of rotary tillers has been self-evident, therefore, rotary tillers have also attracted widespread attention.

Rotary cultivator is a power-driven farmland machinery, the current farmland planting, planting before planting tillage operations. But also in the South has also been widely used. Rotary tiller has a huge advantage, farming is complete, to meet the agronomic requirements of intensive cultivation, and, strong soil, high production efficiency, suitable for large area use. Not only that, the rotary tiller can also be widely used in dry land operations, can be used together with the tractor, high efficiency. And rotary tiller can complete a rotary tillage work, save time, for agriculture, is conducive to timely completion of production tasks. With the continuous development of modern agricultural mechanization, rotary tillage machinery has been widely used in China, China's current drive-type farming machinery products are rotary tiller and double-operation machine, driven disc plow, tillage rake, paddy field rake, Vertical rake rake, etc., of which the rotary tiller is by virtue of its strong operating ability come out on top.

Speaking of the rotary tiller's operating capacity, have to say that its strong crushing soil, in the dry land operation, the tractor power output shaft drive rotary knife rotation, the soil cutting, cutting out of the soil collide with each other The After the clods are clipped, the cover is evenly flat and no furrows appear on the ground. The vertical structure size and the entry journey are short, the corresponding reduction of the head, and thus the higher productivity. It is possible to complete the tillage operation at once, reduce the number of operations, save energy and time, and do the production tasks in the summer season.

  • 69hp,70hp,71 Hp Agricultural Soil Tillage Pto Driven Rotary Tiller Cultivator
  • Heavy Duty 63hp,64hp,65 Hp Rotary Tiller,66 Blades Rotovator Rotary Tiller
  • Light Merry 30hp,31hp,32 Hp ,28 Blades Tractor Mounted Rotary Tiller
  • Pto Drive 27hp,28hp,29 Hp ,gear Drive Rotary Tiller ,agricultural Rotovator
  • Single Speed Gear Box 24hp, 25hp,26 Hp , Rotary Tiller ,rotary Tiller Cultivator
  • Mini Power 21hp, 22hp, 23hp, Light 3 Point Tillers,rotary Tiller

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