Light Duty Rotary Tiller Quarterly Maintenance

- Sep 08, 2017 -

Light Duty Rotary Tiller Quarterly maintenance

On the type of light rotary tiller lift type, many customers want to know, that light rotary tiller movements are what types of it? The following by the Lianyungang light rotary tiller manufacturers experts to answer this question for us.

According to the technical experts of the light rotary tiller, the lifting operation of the light rotary tiller is different due to the different structure of the hydraulic suspension and the power output shaft of the tractor. Can be roughly divided into the following two:

One is the tractor hydraulic suspension mechanism and the power output shaft are driven separately, regardless of whether the power output shaft rotation, light rotary tiller movements are not affected by the power output shaft.

Another type of tractor hydraulic suspension mechanism and power output shaft is linked, the use of this model, only when the power output shaft rotation to enhance the light rotary tiller. This tractor in the field operations, in the event of knife rolling in the mud, the knife shaft does not move, due to the load and make the tractor flame, light rotary tiller is not up, then the power output shaft Universal joint removed, so that the power output shaft to lift the light rotary tiller, knife shaft to pull off the rotation.

Maintenance of light rotary tiller

1. shift maintenance

After the completion of each shift is completed, the light rotary tiller in time for maintenance, check the light rotary tiller parts are completely tightened, if found damaged parts, must be replaced in time. Check the transmission box, bearings and other locations are lack of oil, if necessary, in time to add.

Quarterly maintenance

After a quarter of the season, the light rotary tiller is seasonally maintained. In the quarterly maintenance to thoroughly clean up the dirt on the light rotary tiller, to ensure that the light rotary tiller clean, to avoid long-term accumulation of dirt affect the normal operation of light rotary tiller. Secondly, to completely replace the light rotary tiller on the lubricants and grease. Third, to check whether the important parts of the light rotary tiller wear, such as blades, etc., if the wear is more serious need to replace the new parts in time to avoid affecting the next quarter of the operation. Finally check the entire appearance of light rotary tiller, rust parts will be some rust treatment, and the necessary parts on the oil rust, brush paint, extend the service life of the device. Finally, pay attention to long-term use of light rotary tiller can be placed on the level of the ground, to avoid long-term hanging on the tractor.

Fourth, light rotary tiller troubleshooting

1. Light rotary tiller operation beating, the cause of the malfunction: the soil is too hard, or the blade, bearing improper installation. Remedy: slow down the speed of the tractor, or re-check the bearing and blade installation according to the product manual.

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