Light Duty Rotary Tiller How To Apply Rotary Tiller

- Jul 05, 2017 -

Light Duty Rotary Tiller How to apply rotary tiller

In general, the rotary tiller can not only operate on land, but also to achieve the rotation of paddy fields. What do you need to pay attention to when the rotary tiller works in paddy fields? Here, w for everyone to focus on how to use in the paddy field operations rotary tiller.

First, choose the appropriate paddy field tillage time. The right time for spinning and planting is the basic requirement of agricultural production. Generally speaking, 20 days before the transplanting, the user will need to cultivate the paddy field, rotary tillage after the completion of the user can be based on the requirements of paddy field planting irrigation.

Second, the rotary tillage machine to pay attention to the cultivation of paddy field farming state. In contrast to the general field cultivation, the user should choose the appropriate rotary tillage stall when cultivating the paddy field, and use the largest wheelbase to avoid the problem in the process of spinning. Of course, with the general dryland rotary tillage, the rotary tiller in the rotary tillage should also clean up debris in order to reduce the loss of tractors and rotary tillers.

Third, due to the particularity of paddy field operations, users in the use of rotary tillers to operate, to avoid the mud or water into the rotary tiller, affecting the normal state of rotary tillage. If mud, water accidentally into the rotary tiller, the user should do a good job in time to stop the operation, so as to avoid danger.

Fourth, the same as the dryland rotary tillage operations, in the paddy field rotary tillage, but also do a good job of rotary tiller maintenance and maintenance work, in time to clean up the rotary tiller debris, regular rotary tiller maintenance and adjustment, is also very Necessary.

Rotating machine in the use of the process of failure is inevitable. For the user, the failure to deal with the use of rotary tiller is essential. Here, Weifang Kaitong rotary tiller plant will introduce the way for the hand-type rotary tiller failure of the correct treatment.

In general, the failure of the hand-held rotary tiller mainly includes failure caused by improper operation, engine failure, high-speed operation caused by failure. The so-called improper operation mainly refers to the user in the use of hand-held rotary tiller did not follow the requirements of the operation. For example, when using a hand-held rotary tiller, the user does not cut off the power directly to turn, reversing, this behavior will not only cause a hand-driven rotary tiller failure, but also may bring unexpected to the operator Danger. Therefore, Weifang Kaitong rotary tiller once again remind the majority of users in the use of rotary tiller must strictly abide by the operating standards. The engine failure is mainly caused by the sudden turnout of the engine caused by the rotary tillage. Therefore, the user in the use of hand-held rotary tiller to clean up the rotary tiller carried debris, of course, in the clean-up should also do the work of quenching, so that the debris clear after the operation of the rotary tiller brought the danger. For the high speed operation of the rotary tiller, mainly in the user's only speed, regardless of the quality of the operation, easy to cause the machine or the operator's injury.

For these failures, we can easily understand that the best way to deal with the failure is to use the provisions of the operation of the rotary tiller, which is Weifang Kaitong rotary tiller for each user's basic requirements, but also the necessary requirements.

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