Light Duty Rotary Tiller Driven Soil Farming

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Light Duty Rotary Tiller Driven soil farming

Simply put the rotary knife teeth as the working parts of the drive-type soil farming machinery, also known as rotary tillers. This machine can be used in conjunction with the tractor, according to the configuration of the rotary knife axis is divided into horizontal and vertical axis two categories. In the life of the horizontal axis of the horizontal axis of the horizontal horizontal rotary tiller more applications. What are the specific characteristics of the light rotary tiller? We have a specific understanding.

        Light rotary tiller has a strong ability to break the soil, a job will be able to make the soil becomes crushed, soil and fertilizer mixed evenly, the ground level, to dry land planting or paddy field planting requirements, is conducive to fighting for agriculture, improve work efficiency, and can Make full use of the power of the tractor. Because it has this advantage, people mainly use light rotary tiller for processing land in paddy fields and vegetable land, and of course also for cultivation in orchards. There is also a heavy-duty horizontal rotary tiller in the light rotary tiller, which has a depth of tens of centimeters and has a strong ability to break the soil, so it is used for reclamation of shrubs, swamps and grasslands. The light rotary tiller is a good helper for people to work, and the proper use and adjustment of the light rotary tiller is very important to maintain its good technical condition and ensure the quality of farming. Therefore, when using a light rotary tiller, Do routine maintenance and maintenance. See the light rotary tiller operations, as if back to the country's busy season, folks are busy farming, planting, ready for the autumn harvest. Everywhere filled with full of busy and distributed by the pleasant atmosphere, which is unique to the country simple atmosphere. So what is a light rotary tiller?

The light rotary tiller is an agricultural machinery used in conjunction with tractors, and its role is to cultivate land and rake. The machine's ability to break the soil is very strong, after the cultivation of the surface is very flat, and it can also be buried in the ground below the root stubble, easy sowing machine operations, farmers are a good helper. The reason is that it has all the advantages, because of its advanced design structure, the machine's chisel knife front narrow, easy to enter, and energy consumption is not much. The curved edge of the machete has a sliding effect, easy to cut grass roots and not knit grass, especially suitable for paddy fields farming. In the use of light rotary tiller operations, will inevitably encounter some failures, and today we focus on understanding the common problems of machine tires, so that everyone in the use of attention can be taken to a reasonable avoid.

First, the pressure problem. Tire pressure is too high and too low is not conducive to safe driving, but also affect the service life. Low pressure or overload will increase the bearing capacity of the carcass, causing deformation, but also exacerbate the mechanical friction between the tire and the ground and the carcass friction, tire wear; tire pressure is too high, it will increase the tire cord The tensile stress of the layer and the shear stress between the treads increase the rigidity of the carcass and reduce the landing area, resulting in deterioration of the use performance of the tire, resulting in wear and damage. The correct restart standard should be based on the standard tire pressure as the base, with the temperature changes, a slight change in tire pressure. Typically, summer should be 5% to 7% lower than winter.

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