Light Duty Rotary Tiller Check And Use Attention

- May 26, 2017 -

Direct inspection and use of Light Duty Rotary Tiller

The advent of a Light Duty Rotary Tiller has made a big step forward in agricultural construction, greatly saving manpower and material resources, and we should do a good job of inspecting the machine in order to make the machine better for people The Then we look at what specific inspection and the use of the precautions.

1. Note the procedure. When the unit starts, should first join the power output shaft power, and then hang the work block, began to slowly clutch the clutch, while manipulating the hydraulic lift handle or lift device, so that Light Duty Rotary Tiller blade gradually into the soil, then increase the throttle, until normal Deep tillage. Do not put the Light Duty Rotary Tiller on the ground when the combination of force, or rapid entry, which will cause the blade, the knife shaft suffered shock load, resulting in damage to the machine and transmission parts.

2. listen carefully. If the work parts of the noise and metal percussion sound, should immediately stop the inspection, troubleshooting, and then continue to work. If the rotation of the soil is too deep, the soil sticky or too hard, there are tractors to smoke black smoke and accompanied by slippery phenomenon, may be deep or tillage is too large, should be appropriate to reduce or hang down. In the corner must reduce the throttle, so that the tail wheel and steering clutch with each other, is strictly prohibited sharp turn, or easy to damage parts. When the wheeled tractor is turning or reversing, raise the Light Duty Rotary Tiller to prevent the blade from breaking or twisting the knife shaft. When the machine is over the ridge, the machine's operating handle is placed in a separate position to prevent the blade from wounding at the rear of the tractor.

3. timely removal of the knife shaft and blade on the scorch, so as not to damage the knife axis, affecting the depth of cultivation, pay attention to clear the scissors to extinguish the engine flame. When working at both ends of the universal joint should be close to the level, the angle should be less than 10 degrees, universal joint lift angle should be less than 30 degrees, while reducing the speed. Operation is strictly prohibited on the rotary tiller and the machine behind the station people.

4. Every work 3 ~ 4 hours after the shutdown should check the blade to see if there is no loose, deformation, timely tightening or replacement. Every time the inspection and troubleshooting have to extinguish the engine, to ensure personal safety.

5. In the field transfer, the Light Duty Rotary Tiller should be lifted and the power of the power output shaft should be cut off. If the transfer distance is large, the locking device will be used to fix the Light Duty Rotary Tiller in a certain position or remove the joint The

6. When the machine is placed, the Light Duty Rotary Tiller should be grounded and not allowed to hang.

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