Light Duty Rotary Tiller By Several Parts

- Aug 03, 2017 -

Light Duty Rotary Tiller By several parts

The quality of the machine is directly related to the efficiency of use, and all the mechanical equipment is composed of several parts, which contains a lot of small parts, each part of the production should be better, so as to ensure that the whole The pass rate and high quality of the machine. Next, we will specifically analyze the agricultural machinery in the light rotary tiller products, in the production of some of the requirements. The light rotary tiller is equipped with a tractor to complete a series of tillage and rake work. It has a strong ability to break the soil, can make the surface after cultivation flat, can be cut under the surface of the root stubble, is farmland operations The ideal tool. One of the most commonly used is the horizontal horizontal horizontal axis rotary tiller, the main castings, including the box, hanging plate and the main beam, in the production of these castings should be strictly process, there should be no cracks, stomata and sand Defects in the processing of the surface of the hole around the 10 mm range of holes shall not appear in the welding of the knife shaft should pay attention to the smoothness of the weld, some of the impact of the strength of the defect is strictly prohibited; in the painting process must ensure that the paint Uniform color, smooth and smooth, no exposed, blistering, wrinkling and flow marks of the symptoms; knife seat should be coated with anti-rust paint, and for hanging pins and exposed splines should also be anti-rust prevention. In the use of light rotary tiller operations, will inevitably encounter some failures, and today we focus on understanding the common problems of machine tires, so that everyone can be used in the attention, reasonable to avoid.

First, the pressure problem. Tire pressure is too high and too low is not conducive to safe driving, but also affect the service life. Pressure is too low or overload will increase the bearing capacity of the carcass, causing deformation, but also exacerbate the mechanical friction between the tire and the ground and the carcass friction, tire wear; tire pressure is too high, it will increase the tire cord The tensile stress of the layer and the shear stress between the treads increase the rigidity of the carcass and reduce the landing area, resulting in deterioration of the use performance of the tire, resulting in wear and damage. The correct restart standard should be based on the standard tire pressure as the base, with the temperature changes, a slight change in tire pressure. Typically, summer should be 5% to 7% lower than winter.

Second, driving and storage. If the machine is in a long high-speed driving, it will increase the tire deformation frequency, the performance of fetal temperature rise, causing damage. If the parking and tire storage properly, when exposed to sun exposure, oil erosion, will make the tire corrosion deterioration, causing tread wear.

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