Light Duty Rotary Tiller According To The Configuration Of The Rotary Knife Axis

- Aug 15, 2017 -

Light Duty Rotary Tiller According to the configuration of the rotary knife axis

At present, the small rotary tiller has gradually entered the tens of thousands of households, small rotary tiller also to the self-employed agricultural production has brought the gospel.

        Small rotary tiller, with beautiful and lightweight, easy to carry, simple operation, less pollution, fuel consumption and other characteristics. It can not only be used for mountain, slope, gravel and other geological orchards, farmland, woodland tillage and weeding operations, but also for greenhouses, vegetable fields, orchards, garden and other multi-purpose operations. The promotion of small rotary tiller, so that agricultural development and community building to find an important point of integration. Zhucheng as the first batch of pilot cities have received a good economic and social benefits, I believe that in other parts of the future will continue to carry out agricultural cooperatives. With the development of economy and the improvement of science and technology, modern machines have been widely used in industrial and agricultural development. The emergence of rotary tillers has also attracted wide attention.

        Rotary tillage machine is a rotating soil tillage machine that uses rotating teeth as working parts, also known as rotary tillers. The rotary tiller can be divided into horizontal and vertical shafts according to the arrangement of rotary tiller. Horizontal horizontal rotary tiller strong ability to soil, soil and fertilizer mixed evenly, is conducive to fight for agriculture, improve efficiency, mainly for rice and vegetable fields, can also be used for orchard farming. The vertical axis of the rotary tiller is equipped with 2 to 3 spiral cutter with a rotary tiller. During the operation, the rotary tiller rotates around the shaft, and has strong crushed soil, which is used for paddy field. The emergence of the rotary tiller has greatly improved the efficiency of agricultural production, solved the problem of rural labor shortage, led the development of agriculture.

 First, the product is multi-functional. Fengmin introduction of more than 10 professional and technical personnel, on the basis of the original models, and constantly supporting new equipment, add new features, in the improvement of agricultural functions on the basis of gradually to the urban garden, gardening field expansion. And the choice of low noise, low displacement, strong power and strong adaptability of the engine configuration.

        To the direction of intelligent operation of the machine, in order to facilitate the use of a large number of farmers friends, Fengmin agricultural machinery to the electric machinery learning, in the operation of the handle, forward and backward speed adjustment is more simple. At the same time, for the pastoral management machine and supporting equipment using fast hook device, the replacement of agricultural tools is simple, fast, reduce the operator's labor intensity and save the time to replace the farm machinery.

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