Installation And Dismantling Of Rotary Tiller

- Jul 21, 2017 -

  Installation and dismantling of rotary tiller

  1. supporting installation

  General rotary tiller is fixed by five studs on the rear cover of the tractor gearbox, combined with two locating pins on the plane to ensure proper engagement of the gears. When installed, if the gears in the gearbox are connected to the top of the gearbox, the rotary tiller can be lifted up, pushing the plow shaft or turning the clutch pulley, so that one of the gears is rotated at an angle to align with each other.

  2. The installation of the plow

  General rotary tiller 22 left and right machetes have three kinds of installation methods, according to different agricultural technology selection.

  (1) staggered installation: left and right machete staggered installation, that is, in the same section of the shaft inside and outside the symmetrical installation of the left and right one. Till the ground after the flat, apply to the plain, is commonly used installation method.

  (2) to install: the left side of the knife shaft to install the left machete, the right all installed right machete. After the formation of a shallow ditch, suitable for demolition of farming or rotary tillage joint operation.

  (3) inward installation: the left side of the knife shaft to install the right machete, the right all installed left machete, plowing after the middle ridge, suitable for plow before the land preparation operations.

  3. disassemble

  Rotary tillage machine, as long as the rotation out of the gearbox can be fastened with four nuts, the rotary tiller should be removed after the plow knife gear combination cover, prevent the soil, dust into the box.

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