How To Suspend The Connection Between Tractor And Rotary Tiller

- Jul 10, 2017 -

  How to suspend the connection between tractor and rotary tiller

  ① reversing to the middle of the suspension, lifting the suspension lever to the appropriate height, rotary tiller and then reversing until it is connected to the left and right suspension pins of the tiller.

  ② first installed on the left of the hanging rod, and then the right side of the suspension bar, because the right lifting rod has a screw, rotary tiller can adjust the length of the suspension rod installed after the latch.

  The ③ installs the lever, inserts the latch. Push the clutch pedal and place the power output control handle in the middle neutral position; First, the power output shaft casing is screwed down, and then the farm implements are connected with the power output shaft.

  ④ The hoist handle is placed in the "lift" position, to enhance the farm tools, the clutch pedal, rotary tiller according to the need to select the power output shaft rotational speed. The power output control handle under pressure, can get high-grade;

  When the power output is not required, rotary tiller the power output control handle should be in the middle neutral position and the power output shaft sleeve will be tightened again.

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