How To Install A Rotary Tiller?

- Aug 16, 2017 -

  How to install a rotary tiller?

  We know that it is necessary to install the rotary tiller before the rotary tiller is operating, which is a very important step. Because once installed properly, it will seriously affect the quality of the entire operation, if the blade rotation is not balanced, will damage the parts, causing the unit vibration. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the operator and the quality of operations, we must bear in mind the way to install rotary tillage tools.

  First of all, a prerequisite is: in order to avoid the rotary tiller in the operation of the leakage and plug the situation, we must ensure that the force of the knife shaft uniform, the arrangement of the blade in the arbor configuration should follow these principles:

  1. Configure two or more blades to ensure that the amount of soil is equal, to achieve a good quality of soil, after the trench at the end of the formation of the effect.

  2. In the process of turning the knife shaft for a week, the same phase angle must be a knife into the soil, so as to ensure the stability of the work and the knife shaft load evenly.

  3. For successive inserts, the greater the axial distance on the arbor, the better, in order to avoid clogging.

  4. As far as possible left and right curved blade staggered arrangement, so that both ends of the knife shaft bearing balance. The general blade is arranged according to the helix rule.

  There are three ways to install a rotary tiller:

  1. Built-in method. When the installation of all the blades are toward the center of the knife axis, raised after the middle of the ground raised.

  2. Outside the law. In addition to the outermost two blade built-in, the rest of the blade all to the outside, after the middle of the ground concave.

  3. Mixing method. Inside and outside the blade staggered, the surface after the plowing.

  Tips: When installing the rotary blade, pay attention to the direction of the edge toward the soil.

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