How Does The Tractor And The Rotary Tiller Hang

- Jun 13, 2017 -

  How does the tractor and the rotary tiller hang

  ① reversing the middle of the hanger, lift the suspension rod to the appropriate height, and then reverse, until the rotary tiller left and right hanging pin so far.

  ② first install the left side of the hanging rod, and then install the right side of the hanging rod, because the right side of the lift rod has a screw, can adjust the length, install the suspension rod and then install the bolt.

  ③ Install the upper lever and insert the latch. Press the clutch pedal, the power output joystick placed in the middle of the neutral position; first power output shaft sleeve off, and then the farm on the universal joint and power output shaft connection;

  ④ Place the riser handle in the "lift" position to lift the farm tool; depress the clutch pedal and select the power output shaft speed as required. The power output manipulator handle down, can be high; if the mention, then get low.

  When power output is not required, the power output handle should be in the neutral position and the power output shaft sleeve is reattached.

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