How Does The Rotary Tiller Maximize Its Value?

- Oct 12, 2017 -

How does the rotary tiller maximize its value?

On the rotary tiller, purchase, use, adjustment, maintenance and other processes should pay attention to a lot of problems, and said how to make the maximum value of the rotary tiller, it is only to do the correct use.

First, before the start of the job, to ensure that the rotary tiller in a state of ascension, combined with the power output shaft, so that the speed reaches the rated speed and then down the rotary tiller. It is strictly forbidden to drop the rotary tiller and improperly operate the rotary tiller blade, causing the blade to bend or aggravate the tractor load.

In the course of work, to try to slow down the slow, so as to ensure the quality of operations and reduce the degree of wear the machine. In addition, pay attention to listen to the rotary tiller whether there is noise or other abnormal sound, and always observe the broken soil, till the deep situation. Once found abnormal sound or broken soil, deep slope, the timely downtime inspection, troubleshooting. In addition, in the corner to try not to operate, so as not to rotten blade is damaged. And in the reversing, over the ridge and transfer the land, the rotary tiller to the highest position, so as not to damage the device.

After the work is completed, it is necessary to timely maintenance and maintenance of the rotary tiller. Timely removal of soil and weeds on the blade, but also check the strength of the various parts. In addition, but also do a good job maintenance work, to the lubricating oil point filling the oil, and to the joints to add butter to prevent increased wear and tear.

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