How Does A Large Rotary Tiller Adjust Tillage?

- Aug 04, 2017 -

  How does a large rotary tiller adjust tillage?

  Rotary tillage machine with the powerful adjustment, the position of the hydraulic suspension mechanism of the tractor supporting the suspension of the use of steps and precautions: rotary tillage, the use of bit adjustment, prohibit the use of force adjustment, the force adjustment handle must be placed in the " Position; the rotary tiller descends, the position adjustment handle moves forward and downward, otherwise the rotary tiller rises; when the rotary tiller reaches the required tillage, the position hand is blocked by the positioning hand wheel to facilitate the rotation Down to the same depth.

  Rotary tillage machine When used in conjunction with a tractor with a split hydraulic suspension mechanism, the steps and precautions for the suspension mechanism are used to place the dispenser handle in the "floating" position; when the tillage machine is buried at the appropriate depth, Hoop stop to a certain position fixed; down the rotary tiller, can not use the "pressure drop" position, so as not to damage the rotary tiller; down or raise the rotary tiller, the handle should be quickly pulled to the floating or lifting position, Stay in "pressure drop" and "neutral" position.

  China's population is the largest proportion of farmers, and farmers in the farming process should also pay attention to save time and effort, and the emergence of rotary tiller to change the original mode of operation. It is a kind of tractor with the completion of the task of harvesting and other tasks of the equipment, and because the rotary tiller has a strong ability to break the soil, plowing the surface of the land is widely used to achieve the harvest in the process of saving time and high yield, The correct use of the rotary tiller is very important, let's talk about how to use the rotary tiller properly.

  Before use, make sure that the various parts of the rotary tiller work properly to avoid problems causing personal injury. At the beginning of the work, the rotary tiller should be in a raised state, the knife shaft should be adjusted to the appropriate speed, and then down the rotary tiller and the blade slowly into the soil, such as speed or decline too fast may Causing the blade to bend. In the course of work, should ensure that the rotary tiller slowly forward, in order to better crush the soil, so that the soil crushing, but also can reduce the friction on the parts, extend the life of the rotary tiller. In the ground to turn, to stop working, reduce the throttle, to prevent damage to the blade, in the reverse or transfer of land, we must raise the maximum position of the rotary tiller, after use, to promptly remove the weeds And soil, maintenance of good rotary tiller.

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