Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller Use Steps And Precautions

- Jul 05, 2017 -

Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller Use steps and precautions

The steps and precautions for the use of the suspension mechanism in the case of a tractor with a powerful adjustment and adjustment of the hydraulic suspension mechanism: the use of bit adjustment, the prohibition of the use of force adjustment, the force adjustment handle must be placed in the "lift" position ; The rotary tiller descends, the position adjustment handle moves forward and downward, on the other hand, the rotary tiller rises; when the tillage machine reaches the required tillage, the position hand is blocked by the positioning hand wheel, To the same depth.

When the working tool is used, the dispenser handle is placed in the "floating" position when the rotary tiller is in the proper depth, and the positioning card Hoop stop to a certain position fixed; down the rotary tiller, can not use the "pressure drop" position, so as not to damage the rotary tiller; down or lift the rotary tiller, the handle should be quickly pulled to the floating or lifting position, Stay in "pressure drop" and "neutral" position.

1. At the beginning of the operation, the rotary tiller should be lifted, first combined with the power output shaft, the tool shaft speed to the rated speed, and then down the rotary tiller, so that the blade gradually into the required depth. It is strictly prohibited to insert the blade into the power output shaft or drastically lower the rotary tiller to avoid causing the blade to bend or break and increase the load of the tractor.

2. In the operation, should be as low as possible slow, so that can guarantee the quality of operations, so that the soil crushed, but also reduce the wear of parts. Pay attention to listen to the rotary tiller whether there is noise or metal percussion, and observe the broken soil, till the deep situation. If there is an abnormality, it should be immediately shut down for inspection, and then the operation can be continued.

3. When the ground turns, prohibit the operation, the rotary tiller should be raised, so that the blade away from the ground, and reduce the tractor throttle, so as not to damage the blade. When lifting the rotary tiller, the inclination angle of the universal joint should be less than 30 degrees, and when it is too large, it will cause the impact noise to be prematurely worn or damaged.

4. In the reverse, over the ridge and transfer the land, the rotary tiller should be raised to the highest position, and cut off the power, so as not to damage the parts. If you move to a distance, use a locking device to fix the rotary tiller.

5. After each shift, the rotary tiller should be serviced. Remove the soil and weeds on the blade, check the fastening of the connectors, add lubricating oil to the lubricating oil, and add butter to the joints to prevent aggravating wear.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the maintenance of their own lives, of course, as a mechanical rotary tiller is no exception.

Rotary tillage maintenance can be divided into two types of maintenance and quarterly maintenance. On duty maintenance refers to the maintenance of the rotary tiller after each operation should be carried out, including checking the coupling bolts are tightened, machete, plug and cotter and other wearing parts with or without defect, check the transmission box, universal joints and bearings are lack of oil , When the problem is found in a timely manner. The so-called quarterly maintenance After the completion of each operation season, should be carried out maintenance, including the complete removal of equipment on the dust, oil, oil, grease, grease, check the blade is excessive wear, check the hood, A comprehensive inspection of the appearance of the machine, add paint, in the machete, spline shaft oil and other anti-rust. Only by strengthening the maintenance and protection, in order to make the rotary tiller to extend the use of time, to maximize the effectiveness.

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