Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller The Purchase Of Rotary Tillers

- Jul 20, 2017 -

Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller  the purchase of rotary tillers

First, the purchase of rotary tillers

The rotary tiller is a machine that works with the tractor. The choice of the product model is based on the local conditions and the type of tractor and the local natural condition. When purchasing a rotary tiller, the user should check whether the product is "qualified", reject the "three no" products and test the unqualified product, so as not to be deceived. See the appearance of the product quality, whether the paint off, whether the burrs clean. Conditional best empty machine running a few minutes, listen to the sound is normal, the bearing parts are overheating, operation is flexible in place.

Second, the use of rotary tillers

The use of rotary tillers must first read the product manual and safety signs on the machine, before using the potential risk of the machine to be aware of the specific operation according to the instructions to avoid the occurrence of security incidents. Before each operation, check whether the gearbox of the rotary tiller is full of lubricating oil, whether the bearing is greased or not, and the bolts are fastened. If the operation found abnormal sound, should immediately stop the inspection, troubleshooting. Walking tractor matching rotary tillage trailer is strictly prohibited when not standing in the machine before the machine pull, lift the machine, the machine had a high ridge should be stalled over the ridge.

In China's vast rural areas, regardless of paddy fields, dry land, rotary tiller applications are very common in the farming machinery occupies an important position. Rotary tillage machine and tractor supporting the operation of the machine, according to supporting power is divided into walking tractor matching rotary tiller and wheeled tractor matching rotary tiller two categories. Compared with plowing and raking farming, rotary tillage has the advantages of good performance, good adaptability and high working efficiency.

First, how to properly use the rotary tiller

The work of the rotary tiller is characterized by high-speed rotation of the working parts, and almost all safety problems are related. To this end, in the use of rotary tiller to pay special attention to the following points:

1. Rotary tillage machine should be used before checking the various parts, in particular, to check whether the rotary knife is installed and fixed bolts and universal joint pin is reliable, found that the problem should be dealt with in a timely manner.

2. Before the tractor starts, the rotary tiller clutch handle should be set to the disengaged position.

3. Rotary tillage machine in the lifting state to join the power, until the rotary tiller to reach the scheduled speed, the unit can start, and the rotary tiller slowly down, so that the rotary knife into the soil. It is strictly forbidden to start directly in the case of a rotary tiller to prevent damage to the rotary tiller and related parts. It is strictly forbidden to drop the rotary tiller, and it is strictly forbidden to retreat and turn after the rotary tiller is buried.

4. Rotation of the ground does not cut off the power, the rotary tiller shall not be raised too high, universal joint drive angle of not more than 30 degrees, and should be appropriate to reduce the engine speed. When moving a block or traveling in a distance, the rotary tiller should be cut off and locked to the highest position.

5. Rotary tiller running, it is strictly prohibited people close to the rotating parts, behind no one should be, in case the blade thrown out of the wound.

6. When checking the rotary tiller, the power must be cut off first. When you replace a rotating part such as a blade, you must turn off the tractor.

7. The speed of the rotation of the rotary tiller is about 2 to 3 km / h, and it is suitable for 5 to 7 km / h in the ground or rake. Faster. Remember, the speed can not be too high to prevent the tractor overload and damage the power output shaft.

8. When the rotary tiller is working, the tractor wheel should walk on the undeveloped land to avoid compaction of the cultivated land. To this end, the tractor wheelbase needs to be adjusted so that the wheel is located in the working range of the rotary tiller. Operation should pay attention to the direction of walking, to prevent the tractor another wheel compaction has been cultivated land.

9. Rotary tillage operations, such as the knife shaft too much grass should be timely parking clean up, so as not to increase the machine load.

10. When the rotary tiller is spinning, the tractor and the hanging part are not allowed to take the person to prevent accidental injury

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