Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller The Load Is Too Large

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller The load is too large

Fault Analysis of Heavy - duty Rotary - tiller

      Each machine in use will inevitably fail, encountered these failures should be how to exclude and check it? Understand its failure to find better measures, today we are on the heavy rotary tiller often do a few failures to do some analysis.

     First, the machine load is too large. It is understood that heavy-duty rotary tiller machine such problems are mainly caused by three reasons. First, that is, deep tillage; second, the soil dry and hard; third, the speed is too fast. Staff can be improved by means of research and exclusion by reducing tillage, slowing forward speed and tool roll speed, changing low speed and so on.

        Second, the universal joint is too large to offset the problem. The main cause of this problem is two aspects. On the one hand, it is caused by the uneven imbalance of the heavy-duty rotary tiller. On the other hand, it is caused by the short side of the tractor's left and right limit chain.

        Third, the knife shaft does not move the problem. Causing the knife shaft to turn the problem is multifaceted, including the knife shaft knitting, gear or bearing damage, killing, bevel gear no side clearance, knife shaft bending deformation and other reasons. Users can adjust for different reasons, the appropriate adjustments. Not only that, the staff can regularly carry out the replacement of bearings, adjust the axis of concentricity and so on. Human vaccination method to prevent disease, then the machine in the use of how to prevent damage to parts? Take the farmer's heavy-duty rotary tiller, the machine is more vulnerable to the process of the parts is a universal joint, causing the cause of vulnerability, including improper use, installation errors, universal joint shaft and sleeve selection improper , Lack of scientific maintenance and forced to turn the ground without ascension. These conditions need us to avoid, the specific preventive measures are as follows.

1. local conditions. If there are more stones in the field, it is recommended to use other agricultural equipment for farming.

2. correct operation. First start and join the power, and then slowly fall down the tools, so that the heavy rotary tiller blade in the forward slowly into the soil, the corner must first enhance the farm tools, or easy to damage the transmission parts.

3. Model support. The length of the selected universal joint and the length of the sleeve should be matched with the farm model. If the square shaft and sleeve are too long, the transmission parts will be damaged in use.

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