Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller The Development Of Rotary Tiller

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller The development of rotary tiller

The development of heavy-duty rotary tillers is unrivaled

Raise the heavy rotary tiller, if you think of mind or a few years ago, heavy-duty rotary tiller look, then you fall behind. In the present era, everything is in the development are moving forward, how can heavy-duty rotary tiller can be stagnant? In recent years, heavy-duty rotary tiller sales have been ahead of other machinery sales. In the past, the traditional heavy-duty rotary tiller products are mostly traction type. Due to the limitation of strength and structure size, the function has been relatively simple, and the range is limited to medium and small power tractors, and lacks large and deep cultivated products. However, in the actual life, the previous heavy-duty rotary tiller is not only short life and low performance, can not meet the needs of people and I have to meet the agronomic requirements, and now farming machines compared with the previous, has made great progress. But must also continue to move forward, the only way to stand out in the same machinery, to be able to be people's pro-Lai.

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, and the advent of the era of machine, the popularity of heavy-duty rotary tiller has been self-evident, therefore, heavy rotary tiller also caused widespread concern.

Heavy-duty rotary tiller is a power-driven arable land, the current farmland planting, pre-planting tillage operations. But also in the South has also been widely used. Heavy-duty rotary tiller has a huge advantage and is cultivated to meet the agronomic requirements of intensive cultivation, and it is extremely strong and highly productive. It is suitable for large area use. Not only that, heavy rotary tillers can also be widely used in dry land operations, can be used in conjunction with tractors, high efficiency. And heavy rotary tiller can complete a rotary tillage work, save time, fight for agriculture, is conducive to timely completion of production tasks. Heavy-duty rotary tiller is a seasonal use of machinery, which may be used only once a month or two, but it must be used frequently during use, so its maintenance is very important. Let us look at what parts of it need to regularly overhaul.

The first is the machete, which is part of the rotary tiller, it is directly touch the ground, so easy to blunt, need to re-sharpen. If you are using a deformed machete, you need to complete the mattress correction after the completion of the quenching process. Damage can not be used in the case of direct replacement of new pieces. The second is the knife seat part of the general situation of desoldering, cracking or hexagonal hole deformation of the three cases, local damage can be welded, if not should be changed, to avoid delay farming. Finally, part of the knife shaft. If only part of the break out of the pipe can be welded in the round bar, and timely correction. If the broken part is serious, it will need to process the new head. A lot of friends have just come into contact with the heavy rotary tiller, will be impressed by its strong rotary tillage effect, could not help but on the land several times rotary tillage, then whether it is not the number of rotary tillage the better?

Of course not, each of the different soils have their own immortal culture, such as paddy fields, have their own agronomic requirements, generally need to throw seedlings and machine transplanted paddy fields, rotary tillage 2-3 times for the need for handmade paddy fields , Rotary tillage 2 times for the appropriate. Too much are too many are inappropriate, less, not meet the agronomic requirements, more, it will destroy the soil structure, affecting the growth of late seedlings, even worse, but also cause soil compaction, the next season for rotary tillage , It will increase the mechanical burden and wear. Therefore, the soil rotary till there is a standard, appropriate is appropriate.

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