Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller The Development Of Rotary Tiller

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller The development of rotary tiller

First, the purchase of heavy-duty rotary tiller

Heavy-duty rotary tiller is a machine that works with tractors. The choice of product model is tailored to suit the local tractor and local natural conditions. When purchasing a heavy-duty rotary tiller, the user should check whether the product is "qualified", reject "three no" products and test unqualified products, so as not to be deceived. See the appearance of the product quality, whether the paint off, whether the burrs clean. Conditional best empty machine running a few minutes, listen to the sound is normal, whether the bearing parts overheating, operation is flexible in place.

Second, the use of heavy-duty rotary tiller

The use of heavy-duty rotary tiller must first read the product manual and safety signs on the machine, before using the potential hazards of the machine to be aware of the specific operation according to the instructions to avoid the occurrence of security incidents. Before each operation, check whether the gearbox of the heavy rotary tiller is full of lubricating oil, whether the bearing is greased or not, and the bolts are fastened. If the operation found abnormal sound, should immediately stop the inspection, troubleshooting. Walking tractor matching heavy rotary tillage trailer is strictly prohibited when not standing in front of the machine, lift the machine, the machine had a high ridge should be stalled over the ridge.

First, the development of heavy-duty rotary tiller

China's heavy-duty rotary tiller development began in the late 50s of last century, the early 70s to complete with the domestic tractor matching and in the northern region to be rapid promotion, experienced a single machine development, series development, transformation and upgrading of three stages. The rapid development of the beginning of this century, showing a steady start, rapid growth, mature, look forward to the breakthrough stage characteristics, industrial structure to accelerate the pace of adjustment, heavy rotary tiller basically achieved a series, diversification, information development goals The

1, the market steady development. After years of development, China gradually formed Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan and other heavy-duty rotary tiller industry cluster, with heavy rotary tiller manufacturing and supporting hundreds of enterprises, industry manufacturing capacity begun to take shape, production and sales gradually increased, the emergence of Henan Hao Feng, Yinhua Chunxiang, Xi'an, Asia and Australia and a number of well-known heavy-duty rotary tiller production enterprises, to create more than 300 kinds of heavy-duty rotary tiller, to meet the needs of different regional markets. In particular, Henan Hao Feng in recent years continue to maintain the momentum of leading the development of the industry. Heavy-duty rotary tiller market sales steadily increased, the social security of more than 500 million units. 2007 to achieve sales of 25 million units in 2009 to create a record high for the first time exceeded 350,000 units in 2011 is expected to sell 35 or so, still continue to high consolidation, showing a sustainable development trend, the basic and tractor market consistent. The winter wheat area is the traditional main market for heavy duty rotary tillers, and the northeastern region is the main demand area for large-scale compound heavy-duty rotary tillage machines.

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