Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller It's Mostly Loose

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller It's mostly loose

The heavy rotary tiller should be turned over again after turning over the ground

In recent days, some vegetable farmers came to the store for anti-heavy rotary tiller, and many of the vegetables that were planted were burning root and vegetables were not growing well. The investigation found that this was mainly due to the fact that the heavy rotary tiller was too shallow to turn fertilizer into the deep soil, which was caused by a large amount of fertilizer and vegetable root contact. Therefore, it is recommended that the farmers use the heavy rotary tiller to turn over the ground, and then manually turn again.

First of all, heavy rotary cultivator rotary knife is not like a shovel vertical soil, deep soil can be turned over to the surface, the surface of the fertilizer into the underground, rotary tillage blade is the side of the grave, like cut the apple with a knife, mainly is loose, subsoil can only turning over fertilizer and 5-10 cm deep in the soil. This is the depth of root planting of vegetable seedlings, so it is easy to cause the fertilizer to contact with the root system, resulting in the burning of seedlings.

Second, root vegetables mainly concentrated within 20 cm of soil, and heavy rotary cultivator clicking depth in 15 centimeters more, thus make the vegetable root shallow, variation in resistance and later period of high yield and good quality for vegetables.

So, farmers should be in heavy rotary cultivator requirements after once again with a shovel, will fell into the deep soil, fertilizer and deepen the depth of the requirements, thus conducive to the root of the firm, but also to avoid burn root vegetables

It is not suitable to use heavy rotary cultivator, preferably with other machine tools;

Start and connect the power, then slowly lower the farm tools, so that the heavy rotary blade is slowly moving into the earth.

The length of the universal joint axis and the shaft sleeve should be matched with the model of the farm implements. If it is too long, it will be damaged in the use, and it will be out when the farm tools are raised.

When the joints are installed, the forklift should be in the same plane, so as to ensure that the rotation force of the cutter shaft is uniform, or the transmission parts are vulnerable to damage. On time to be lubricated according to the requirement, each lubrication point should not leave the grease filling to prevent the early damage caused by dry friction.

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