Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller Advance The Weeds In The Ground

- Aug 15, 2017 -

Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller Advance the weeds in the ground

Heavy-duty rotary tiller as a modern farming tool can be used in conjunction with tractors to improve the efficiency of farming, then we look at the heavy-duty rotary tiller in the course of what needs attention.

Start the use of heavy-duty rotary tiller, combined with the power output shaft to reach the rated speed after the decline in heavy-duty rotary tiller, so that the blade into the soil, some people in the use of heavy-duty rotary tiller directly down heavy rotary tiller Is the blade inserted into the soil, this approach is not correct, which will make the blade bent or even broken, the speed of travel not too fast, in order to facilitate the plowing, but also can reduce the wear of the machine, , To lift the heavy rotary tiller to leave the ground blade, of course, the angle is not too much, this time to reduce the tractor throttle, if found heavy rotary tiller with noise or metal percussion to stop immediately check to repair, To determine the normal and then continue to work. If you need to transfer the ridge or reverse the ridge, you must cut off the power of the heavy rotary tiller to lift the heavy rotary tiller and then move. After the use of heavy-duty rotary tiller can not be laissez-faire, to promptly remove the weeds on the blade soil, in the need to lubricate the place to add lubricants, joints should be filled with butter to reduce wear. Do not forget to check the various parts of the combination of loose, timely fixed loose place. Only regular inspection, pay attention to maintenance in order to extend the service life of the machine.

Heavy-duty rotary tiller for arable land of mechanical equipment, has been widely used in agricultural production. But its size is large, in use will inevitably produce such a problem, then the use of heavy-duty rotary tiller work should pay attention to what aspects to avoid these problems?

First of all should pay attention to is that in the arable land before the need to clean up the weeds in advance, to avoid the process of arable land, weeds will be wrapped around the knife shaft and can not work properly, once the emergence of weed winding knife shaft, it is necessary Immediately clean up. Second, the heavy rotary tiller in the process of arable land, in order to prevent accidental injury occurred in the tractor and suspension parts are avoided by people. Third, the heavy rotary tiller operation, to avoid someone in the heavy rotary tiller behind the move to prevent the blade wounding; equipment if there is an exception, but also cut off the power and then check.

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