Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller According To Different Classification

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller According to different classification

Rotary tillage machine as a new agricultural modernization of agricultural tools, the current farmers have been the use of the majority of farmers. As a tool for the use of mechanized agriculture, it makes up for the shortcomings of traditional agriculture, greatly reducing the workload of farmers, bringing a high economic efficiency.

Rotary tillage machines can be classified into different types according to different classification criteria.

1. In terms of the power transmission line of the rotary tiller, it can be divided into intermediate drive and side drive. The middle drive structure is simple and easy to use, but its lack is that the middle may be wrapped around the grass; side drive type structure is relatively complex, but its adaptability is strong, for the paddy field operation in terms of its unparalleled superiority.

According to the structure of rotary tiller, it can be divided into round beam type and frame type. The rotary drum machine is developed earlier and the technology is relatively perfect. The frame type rotary tiller has a complicated structure and has strong rigidity and stability. Good sex.

3. According to the location of the rotary knife axis can be divided into horizontal axis (horizontal) and vertical axis (vertical), horizontal axis of the rotary tiller strong energy, so the work efficiency is high, can be in the busy season for farmers to fight The best can be time, but for the energy consumption is also large; vertical axis rotary tiller for rice farming, and its horizontal axis has a strong role in the broken soil, but its coverage is relatively weak. Rotary tillage machine is one of the commonly used agricultural equipment, the machine presented the completion of the agricultural operation of the lunch and advanced, then the use of rotary tiller in the process of safe operation, you know how much? Here are the following notes:

Safety precautions for use of rotary tillers

1, rotary tiller work ban on the start before the blade into the soil or Meng into the soil.

2, the working period forbidden a sharp turn, back, but the first rotary tiller slowly rise in the ground when the need to slow down the speed, prohibit the increase is too high, the direction of transmission point of view must not exceed 30 °.

3, in order to make the machine work sensitive, must be removed on the rotary tiller on the scissors, debris, and in the fastening, replace the plow knife, you should first intercept the rotary tiller power, after the engine stalled.

4, walking tractor in the ground turn should hold up the hand frame, to be spinning tiller unearthed, and then away from the clutch.

5, the field handling or ridge to be blocked when the power, the rotary tiller to the highest position. When the tractor traverses the ridge, the driver is prohibited from sitting in the seat to avoid an accident.

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  • Heavy Duty 86hp ,87hp ,88hp, 89hp,90 Hp Rotary Tiller Machine
  • 69hp,70hp,71 Hp Agricultural Soil Tillage Pto Driven Rotary Tiller Cultivator
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