Chain And Bearing Adjustment Of Rotary Tiller

- Aug 16, 2017 -

  Chain and bearing adjustment of rotary tiller

  Adjustment and maintenance is an important procedure associated with the operation of the rotary tiller. For the rotary tiller, the adjustment work mainly includes the adjustment of the chain and the adjustment of the bearing clearance.

  First, adjust the chain. In the adjustment of the chain is mainly on its tightness adjustment. If the rotary tiller chain is too loose may occur crawling phenomenon. And if the rotary tiller-level chain is too tight, it may increase the wear of the chain. Users in the adjustment, we should pay attention to the tension of the top slide, to be able to press the loose chain is appropriate. If the user how hard can not move, it means that the chain adjustment is too tight. The above two cases, the user should be adjusted in a timely manner, so as to avoid greater losses.

  Second, is the adjustment of bearing clearance. For the rotary bearing of the bearing clearance, the adjustment method mainly includes the following two: the first, that is, by increasing the method of gasket. This method is mainly suitable for the inner ring fixed position, adjustable outer ring bearings. When the user adjusts the bearing clearance, it can be checked by measuring instruments and special tools. If the conditions are not allowed, the user can also rely on the experience of hand rotation of the shaft, under normal circumstances, rotary tiller there should be no obvious axial movement and flexible rotation. If too tight, it means difficult to turn, should increase the gasket; if too loose, you should remove the gasket. The second method is to adjust the nut. This method is mainly suitable for outer ring fixed, adjustable inner ring bearings. The specific method of operation is: the user first tighten the end of the big bevel gear round nut, to ensure that the thrust pad has been locked. Then, the user can tighten the other end of the nut, through the hand so that the bearing rotation, until it can not rely on inertial force and then turn. At this point, the user can use wooden hammer to hit the shaft, rotary tiller the purpose is to make the bearing inside and outside the circle close. Finally, the user should also review the bearing preload situation, and adjust the lock with a lock lock round nut. Because the two methods to adapt to the different range, the user can be used in accordance with the specific circumstances, select the appropriate method to adjust the rotary tiller bearings. Of course, no matter what kind of adjustment method, the purpose of only one, is to adjust the bearing clearance appropriate, this is the most important.

  The above two aspects of the adjustment is the most important aspect of the rotary tiller, the user must be taken seriously, do not careless.

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